[Lengkap!] Here are 2 Easy Ways to Flash Vivo Y15

How to Flash Vivo Y15 – Vivo always delivers smartphones with high specifications and a design that really attracts many people in Indonesia. One of them is type smartphones The Y15 has a minimalist design but offers sufficient specifications fierce.

But no matter how high a cellphone's specifications are, of course it won't escape damage, whether it's damage to the hardware or software.

Especially for software damage, there are various problems that many people experience, ranging from being slow, getting viruses/malware, forgetting patterns, failing to run the application, restarting itself, bootloop to completely dead.

So, how do you solve the various problems above on the Vivo Y15 HP?

It's easy to solve it, you don't need to panic or be confused because every software problem can definitely be solved as long as it's not a hardware problem by doing this. flash repeat.

On this occasion the author will provide complete information regarding how to flash the Vivo Y15 completely to overcome total shutdown and bootloop via Flashtool and via SD Card in the article below.

How to Flash Vivo Y15 to Overcome Bootloop and Total Death

Flash is a process where you will replace an old system that is damaged with a new system that is still fresh. The old system may no longer be effective to use due to various factors, such as damage or loss of data on the system.

Therefore, this process will return the system to its original state, but at the same time this process is carried out all data and information everything in your internal memory will also be completely deleted.

The author suggests doing so back up data first before carrying out the process flash This is so that there is no loss of important data on the Vivo Y15 cellphone that you are using.

Notes : Flash It will also void the official warranty on the Vivo Y15 HP, so think carefully before doing it. We are not responsible for anything that happens.

Preparation of Tools and Materials

Number Tools/Materials Download link
1. Vivo Y15 firmware Downloads
2. SP Flashtool Downloads
3. USB Drivers Downloads
4. Computer/Laptop
5. USB cable
(password : vevlash.com)

Apart from preparing the tools and materials above, make sure your cellphone has been charged beforehand to avoid unnecessary problems due to lack of battery power during the process. flashing taking place.

Immediately, here's how flash HP Vivo Y15 with PC and without PC in full below:

1. How to Flash Vivo Y15 with PC

The first way you can do it flash is to use a PC where you will use a program called SP Flashtool.

Here's how to flash Vivo Y15 via SP Flashtool:

  • Downloads And install SP Flashtool and USB Driver programs in the table above on your computer/laptop.
  • Open the SP Flashtool application by pressing the right mouse button on the file flash_tool.exe and select an option Run as administrator.
  • Then the SP Flashtool application window will open, press the button Scatter loading and enter the Vivo Y15 Firmware which you can download in the table above.
  • Uncheck the section PRELOADERS in the table in the SP Flashtool application.
  • Change the scrolling column with a selection Download Only and press the button Downloads.
  • Switch to the Vivo Y15 cellphone, turn off the cellphone and press the button Volume Up And Power simultaneously then connect to the PC using a USB cable.
  • If your Vivo Y15 cellphone is detected, then process it flash will run automatically, wait for the process to complete.
  • If successful, a notification will appear in the form of a round green image with a white check mark in the middle with writing Download OK.
  • After that, close the SP Flashtool application, unplug the USB cable and turn on the Vivo Y15 cellphone.
  • Finished.

If you follow each step above then you have succeeded flash reset and you only need to do basic settings such as setting the time, region and other basic settings like a new cellphone that you just bought.

2. How to Flash Vivo Y15 without a PC

You can use the second method if you don't have access to a PC device, where you only need an SD card as a medium to do this flash.

Here's how to flash Vivo Y15 via SD Card:

  • Download and move the Vivo Y15 Firmware to the SD Card (try to save it outside the folder).
  • Turn off the Vivo Y15 cellphone and enter Recovery Mode by pressing the button Volume Up And Power simultaneously.
  • On Recovery Mode You can shift the options by pressing the volume button and to select an option press the power button.
  • Select menu boot > Apply update from external SD card > enter Vivo Y15 Firmware > OK.
  • Your Vivo Y15 cellphone will automatically start doing this flash.
  • Wait for the process to complete and select the menu Reboot.
  • Finished.

If you follow each step above then you have succeeded flash reset and you only need to do basic settings such as setting the time, region and other basic settings like a new cellphone that you just bought.


So that's complete information on how to do it flash HP Vivo Y15 via SP Flashtool and via SD Card as explained above.

The author hopes that you follow every step to complete the process flash runs smoothly without any problems.

Hopefully this information is useful for you and can solve any problems with the Vivo Y15 cellphone that you are using.

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That is all and thank you !

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