Legacy Console and Wordpad Officially Removed From Windows 11 Insider Build 26040

It has been almost five months since Microsoft first announced that Wordpad was officially shutting down and would be removed from the Windows 11 system, apart from that one month ago Microsoft also announced that they would remove Legacy Console Mode in Windows 11.

These two features are turned off on the Windows 11 system because they are rarely used and users never use them anymore. Apart from that, Microsoft has abandoned them and these two features no longer receive any updates and support.

Now regarding these two features, starting with Windows 11 Build 26040 which was released for Windows Insider Canary users, Microsoft has started to remove these two features. So if you have used the new build with the method clean installyou will no longer find Wordpad and Legacy Console.

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So, as in the picture above, Wordpad is no longer there system folder Windows 11, in other words this app has been completely removed. Apart from that, as was reported some time ago, you can no longer reinstall Wordpad because it has been completely removed from the Optional Features in Settings.

However, unlike Wordpad, Legacy Console is still available in Optional Features and users can still add it back to the Windows 11 system.

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The reason why this Legacy Console could still be added is because it might help users with any commands that don't display or operate correctly in the default Windows 10 console experience.

So, those are the two features that have been removed in Windows 11 Insider Canary Build 26040, for those of you who still want to use Wordpad, you can still download it from the steps and tutorial that WinPoin has written on the page How to Download and Reinstall Wordpad on Windows 11.

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