Latest Tricks on How to Internet for Free Without a Quota September 2023

Daily activities without the internet for most people can result in loss of style. The reason is, all forms of information and entertainment content can be obtained and enjoyed from a smartphone in your hand that has internet access. Smartphone internet access can be obtained from a WiFi network or activating an internet package quota from a cellular operator.

Not surfing the internet for a moment will clearly make most people feel like something is missing. But what if it turns out that the internet quota on your cellphone runs out and you don’t have the money to buy it again? No need to worry, because there are various ways to surf the internet for free.

How to surf free internet There are various methods ranging from no quota, no application, no apk and even when in airplane mode. You can continue exploring cyberspace even if your internet quota has run out. Even though currently many cheap internet packages are being sold by Indonesian cellular operators, some people are still looking for free packages for their cellphones.

Here are some tools, applications and tips to get free internet on your cellphone:

HTTP Injectors

Is a free internet application that utilizes a Payload Generator. This tool can be used to connect to the internet for free without credit. This http injector free internet application can be downloaded from the Play Store or from other sources on the internet. The next stage is installing the application to the Android phone.

Once installed, do the Payload settings. Use Payload Generator to make it easier. Just tap the menu next to the words HTTP Injector in the app. For the URL/Host column: enter the mobile card bug parameters used, for example for the Axis card, namely For the Request Method column, select Connect and for the Query Method column, select Front Query. For extra header column, select Online Host. Tap the Generate Payload button. Meanwhile, for remote proxies, you must adjust the proxy parameters according to the card used.

The next procedure is to set SSH parameters. The SSH settings menu is next to HTTP Injector. The parameters that must be filled in are, for SSH Host: enter the value according to the SSH host that was created previously. For SSH Port, enter the value 443 (corresponding to the SSH created). For Username, type SSH as well as Password and enter SSH.

Back on the app’s home page, tap the Start button to run it. The LOG tab displays complete connection information. If you find that the application cannot connect to the internet, use the IP Hunter menu. HTTP Injector can be used for all cellular numbers. What must be prepared is the HTTP Injector config according to the cellular card used. The way to enter it into the application is to use the Import config menu, then select the config file you have. Each cellular card has its own config parameters.

Airplane Mode (Airplane Mode)

Airplane mode is one of the functions that must be available on Android devices. Using this function, users can still use their smartphone even when they are on a flight. When airplane mode is activated, the cellphone cannot be used to make calls and also access the internet. It turns out that airplane mode can also be used for free internet. This method can also be used for various cellular cards from providers in Indonesia.

The steps that must be taken, turn on the internet data feature on the Android smartphone (not Wi-Fi). After that turn on airplane mode and then on the dial pad type the code *#*#4636#*#*. Then the full details of the Android device that is used will be displayed. There is a “phone information” menu, tap to enter. Scroll down the screen to find the “Turn on Radio” menu. Tap on the menu, the internet data will automatically be active even if the device is in airplane mode. Unlimited free internet can be done, without quotas, without pulses and without any applications and can be enjoyed for life.

Telkomsel Free Internet

To be able to enjoy it, customers must use the Roli application which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Run the application then register by entering the Telkomsel number used. An SMS containing a verification code will be received at the registered number. Input the verification code in the application to confirm. If all goes well, the customer will immediately receive a free Telkomsel quota in the form of an internet package data of 300 MB. Not only that, if customers want to use the Roli application every day, they will get a number of points which, when they have accumulated a lot, can be exchanged for free internet quota.

XL Free Internet

Not only Telkomsel customers, XL card users can also enjoy free internet of 400 MB plus a 30 minute call quota if they are first-time MyXL application users. Free internet method it is enough to download the MyXL application from the Play Store.

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After the application is installed, run it then register by entering the XL number used. The customer will receive an SMS containing a verification code. Type the verification code obtained into the MyXL application and registration is successful. To get a free XL quota, log in to the application then on the front page there is a “MyXL Reward” menu. Tap the menu to claim the reward provided for the first users of the MyXL application.

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