Latest list of the best quality and best-selling power bank brands in January 2024

Want to find the best power bank? There's no harm in finding out first about some of the best quality power bank brands with the cheapest to most expensive prices. Some of the best power bank brands are the best-selling power banks on the local market throughout Indonesia.

Many people are looking for a large capacity power bank at the cheapest price without caring about the power bank brand, this is a big mistake for prospective buyers, because a large capacity power bank is not necessarily the best, this happens because most fake power bank brands commit fraud.

The fraud that is made is writing specifications that do not match the specifications on the power bank they are selling, for example a power bank with a large capacity of up to 15,000 mah, the actual capacity of the power bank is actually only 5000 mah or even less.

There is also power bank cheating on amperes, which makes the process of charging our cellphones take a very long time and even the battery in the power bank runs out first, while the battery capacity on our cellphone is still not full.

Because of the above, this time I want to share a little knowledge about the best quality and best-selling power bank brands, because knowing some of these brands will make it easier for you to choose the ideal power bank for the Android phone you are currently using.

1The first best quality power bank brand at a low price is the Xiaomi power bank brand which is known as Mi Power Bank / Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi Android phones are already quite popular, but did you know that Xiaomi has officially released a power bank since they first released their new cellphone.

In terms of the quality of the Xiaomi power bank, there is no need to doubt it, all the specifications written are in accordance with the contents of each power bank, with a NOTE – you have to buy an original Xiaomi power bank, not a kw/supercopy one. Because currently there are lots of mi kw power banks circulating. .

The price of an original Xiaomi power bank with a capacity of 10,000mah is only 195 thousand rupiah, even though the price tag is relatively cheap, this Mi power bank has specifications that are no less interesting compared to other elite power banks, this 10,000mah Xiaomi power bank can fully charge 1x on an Apple Min's iPad and can do 3 full charges to the Apple iPhone 6.

From the details above, it can be concluded that the Xiaomi power bank is one of the best quality power banks at a cheap price, so don't be surprised if the Xiaomi brand power bank is one of the best-selling and most popular power banks at the moment.

2 The next quality power bank brand is the Sony brand power bank

Sony is famous for the quality of their products which tend to be good and long lasting, Sony itself has officially released a power bank product or what is known as a portable USB charger, the specifications of the power bank produced by Sony are quite high and the price offered is not cheap.

All power banks from Sony use Sony Li-ion polymer batteries, so they provide quality and durability power bank (durable in use for a long period of time) when charging, there's no need to hesitate.

a Sony brand power bank with specifications
Capacity: 10,000mAh
– Input: DC 5V, 0.5A – 1.5A
– Output: DC 5V Max 3.6 A (Total of 2 Ports)
offered at prices above 700 thousand rupiah,

There's no need to doubt the quality of this Sony power bank. As long as you buy an original power bank, right? kw /supercopy/replica.

3.The next best quality power bank brand, fast charger and durable is the Anker brand power bank

The Anker brand power bank may not be as popular as the other power bank brands above, but regarding quality and specifications, there is no need to doubt, the Anker Powercore power bank is one of the best quality power banks currently.

Many users are satisfied with using this Anker brand power bank, even though the price offered is quite expensive, it is comparable to the premium quality of this product.

One of the most striking features of this Anker power bank is that it is equipped with a quick charge 3.0 output which can perform a super fast fast charger in half an hour and can charge 80 percent of the battery of the Android cellphone you are using.

Prices for Anker brand power banks start from 400 thousand rupiah to over 1 million rupiah.

4. The next brand of high capacity power bank, cheap price and the best quality, is the Asus brand or known as the Asus Zenpower power bank.

Like other smart phone developers, Asus also releases accessories in the form of power banks which have a design that is not much different from power banks in general, but the technology and specifications of the Asus Zenpower power bank are no less interesting compared to power banks from other brands or brands.

Some of the Asus brand power banks are equipped with the Zenpower Ulta feature supported by Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. This means that this power bank can quickly recharge your Android cellphone battery, even 2x faster than the original charger on the cellphone you are currently using.

5. The next best and highest quality power bank brand is the Samsung brand power bank, known as the Samsung Battery Pack

I think the name Samsung is familiar to us as smartphone users, Samsung is famous for the smartphones they release such as the Samsung Galaxy S and many more.

Samsung released their portable charger with the name Samsung Battery Pack or what many people know as the Samsung Power Bank. In terms of specifications and features, this Samsung power bank has a fast charger feature, the price is quite expensive but the space or capacity of the power bank is reasonable. This Samsung is quite high, namely up to 12 thousand mah.

There are also several other best quality and best-selling power bank brands that I haven't had time to discuss here, such as Oppo Power Bank, Hippo Power Bank, Vivan Power Bank and many more, I will continue this article at another time to increase buyers' knowledge.

conclusion: the best power bank is a power bank that has real power or capacity and uses high quality batteries, so that the power bank's lifespan can be long. For those of you who are disappointed with some of the power bank brands above, maybe you bought the wrong product, because as far as I know there are many The power banks from the brands above are not original.

So for satisfaction in using it, I suggest you choose an original product, don't want to save money by buying a KW power bank, because even though it is cheap, this product has an unreal capacity and is easily damaged. So you can quickly spend more money to buy a new power bank.

Maybe that's all for the article about the best quality and best-selling power bank brands, I hope this article can be useful.

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