Latest and Cheap Diamond ML and Free Fire Price List

Latest Diamond ML and Free Fire prices – For gamers who want to purchase Free Fire diamonds or MLBB diamonds, they definitely need the latest price list for Mobile Legends diamonds. In this article we will discuss the latest and cheapest price list for buying diamonds. Be it Free Fire diamonds or Mobile Legends.

Not only that, we will also discuss several tips that can be used to top up online games cheaply and safely. Gamers, you must read the following review.

Latest ML diamond prices

Latest ML Diamond Price List on UniPin

One site that you can use to top up online games is UniPin. Through UniPin, gamers can top up Free Fire or top up Mobile Legend quickly and safely. The following is a list of MLBB diamond prices on UniPin. This is the latest price data, according to 2023. There are 18 ML diamond nominal options available at UniPin.

No. Amount Price (Rupiah)
1. 3 diamonds 1,500.
2. 12 diamonds Starting from 3,325.
3. 28 diamonds Starting at 7,600.
4. 36 diamonds Starting from 9,500.
5. 59 diamonds Starting from 15,200.
6. 74 diamonds Starting from 19,000.
7. 85 diamonds Starting at 21,850.
8. 170 diamonds Starting at 43,700.
9. 185 diamonds Starting at 47,500.
10. 222 diamonds Starting at 57,000.
11. 296 diamonds Starting from 76,000.
12. 370 diamonds Starting from 95,000.
13. 568 diamonds Starting from 142,500.
14. 875 diamonds Starting from 218,500.
15. 1159 diamonds 285,000.
16. 2010 diamonds 475,000.
17. 4830 diamonds 1,140,000.
18. 6050 diamonds 1,425,000.

One of the advantages of topping up MLBB at UniPin is that there are many payment methods available. You can pay using the credit cut method, pay via Indomaret/Alfamart, pay using bank transfers (virtual accounts), pay using online payments (such as GoPay, OVO, DANA, LinkAja, and many more).

Not only that, payment channels sometimes hold certain promos. When there is a promo, you can top up at a lower price. Interesting, right?

Latest FF Diamond Price List on UniPin

Mobile legends diamond prices

The following is a list of the latest Free Fire diamond prices on UniPin. The available FF diamond options range from 5 diamonds to 73,100 diamonds. We know, the price of FF diamonds is very cheap.

No. Amount Price (Rupiah)
1. 5 diamonds 1,000.
2. 12 diamonds Starting from 2,000.
3. 50 diamonds Starting from 8,000.
4. 70 diamonds FF Starting from 10,000.
5. 140 Free Fire diamonds Starting from 20,000.
6. 355 diamonds Starting from 50,000.
7. 720 FF diamonds Starting from 100,000.
8. 1450 diamonds 200,000.
9. 2180 diamonds 300,000.
10. 3640 diamonds 500,000.
12. 7290 Free Fire diamonds 1,000,000.
13. 36500 diamonds 5,000,000.
14. 73100 Free Fire diamonds 10,000,000

Fast and Easy Way to Top Up MLBB and FF Games

Following are the steps to purchase diamonds at UniPin.

  1. Visit the desired game top up page. Suppose you can enter the page top up Free Fire.
  2. Next, enter your game account ID.
  3. Determine the number of diamonds to buy. Please choose according to your needs/desires.
  4. Next, you can select the payment method that will be used. There are many payment methods available.
  5. If so, immediately complete the transaction, then make the payment. Later the diamonds will go directly to your game account.

Cheap FF top up

Tips for Buying Cheaper Diamonds

Here are some tips that you can use to top up ml or free fire diamonds more cheaply.

  • Check out the latest promos on UniPin. You can immediately open the website, then go to the page news & promos. Or you can also check the UniPin Blog directly at the address:

UniPin blog

  • Usually there will be the latest promos from payment channels or from UniPin. So, these promos can make you top up more economically. Whether it’s getting discounts, cashback, or other forms of promos/bonuses.
  • You can also purchase diamonds using UniPin Credits (UC). Usually there is a special promo for purchasing/topping up UC. So, you can take advantage of this promo moment.
  • Also check UniPin promos on their official social media accounts.

That is complete information regarding the price of ml diamonds and also free fire. Hopefully this is useful, good luck. Happy gaming!

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