Kinds of Differences Hardsub And Softsub

Have you ever watched a western or foreign film and noticed that there are subtitles below it?

Term subtitles you should know about the video, guys. Because subtitles it has two types. That is hardsub And softsubwhich you may have heard of the term yourself.

This is suitable for those of you who are making videos, and are confused about what to include subtitles what kind is right.

Hardsub and Softsub

Before explaining further, you must know the meaning of hardsub and softsub.

Hardsub itself is a subtitles that are already available or become one with the video or film. Therefore, subtitles cannot be removed or replaced. special features, subtitles will be able to appear in all videos player.

Whereas softsub is subtitles available outside of the videos or movies you watch. Usually, softsub has its own format, namely .srt and others. This will be your format later imported or insert it into the video so that subtitles appear.

What’s the difference between Hardsub and Softsub?

Basically, it’s very easy to find out the difference between hardsub and softsub.

Hardsub is included in the open subtitle category, while softsub is closed subtitle. Hardsub subtitles are one with the video, while softsub subtitles are separate from the video.

Another difference is that hardsub subtitles can appear automatically, while softsub must be imported into the video first before they can appear.

Hardsub does not have a special format or extension, unlike softsub which has a special format, for example .srt, and others.

Hardsub is difficult to modify, unlike softsub because the data is separate. The final difference, hardsub has been removed because the subtitles are integrated into the video or one frame. Meanwhile, softsub is easily removed by deleting the subtitle file.

From some of the differences earlier, that’s fine hardsub or softsub each has advantages and disadvantages.

For you video editors, please just adjust it subtitles which one do you want to use.

Changing Softsub to Hardsub

Superiority hardsub From the explanation above, it is very practical, once the video or film is opened then subtitles immediately appeared.

This applies to all videos. Well, here you can change subtitles type softsub become hardsub. The way to do this is by using the Format Factory application.

First step, prepare the application. Then visit the official website of Format Factory. After successfully installing Format Factory, open the app it then select the MP4 menu.

Next the MP4 dialog box will appear, tap Add Files and search for videos that you want to add. If so, tap knob Output Settings.

After that look for options Additional Subtitles and tap the three dot icon then add subtitles softsub that you have prepared.

Remember, make sure the video and file name subtitles the same so as not to error when you combine . Forward with a click OK button.

Next tap Start to start the merging process subtitles with videos. Wait for a moment until the merging process is complete.

After that you can tap icon play to play the video.

Apart from using the Format Factory application, you can also use the AVC or software other edited videos

Those were some differences between hardsub and softsub. You can adjust to your needs for the video you want to edit. If you have any questions about the difference between hardsub and softsubplease write via the comments column below.

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