Iron Knight Lost Saga and explanation of its skills

Iron Knight Lost Saga and explanation of its skills – The many heroes in the Lost Saga game will definitely make you confused about which hero is good to use, because each character has advantages and weaknesses that can be minimized by the user, therefore good mechanics are needed.

As you know, each character has a certain category or group because their attacks are differentiated, namely close range and long range, in a match in the ingame you can use all the heroes you have, this makes it easier to adjust skills according to your needs. .

Usually the most dominant ones used in matches are melee type heroes, and of course you want to have a high damage hero, so to make the attacks more painful you have to upgrade the character used, and there are lots of upgrades you can do. do, such as damage, defense, dexterity, and so on.

This time Teknologiasik will discuss the Iron Knight Lost Saga hero and an explanation of his skills, because this type of character is still very often used for both main heroes and hero swap combos, and of course for those of you who still don't understand about this character, please read the review under.

Iron Knight Lost Saga

Iron Knight is a hero in the game Lost Saga, has the appearance of a palace knight wearing armor, and the weapons he uses to attack threatening enemies, he also wears a knight's helmet as a protector on his head, and also wears a robe as a sign that he is a knight.

Hero one is included in the characters who attack enemies from close range, because he uses his sword to attack enemies from a very close range. One of the advantages of the Iron Knight hero is that he can very easily attack or stun the enemy, which is where this attack is done. widely used by players.

You need to know that the Iron Knight has a weakness, namely that it is very easy for the enemy to take down, because it is very weak against air attacks and also long-range attacks, so when you use the Iron Knight you have to understand a good position in fighting so that the enemy's attacks are not effective.

This hero has also experienced a lot of developments, one of the most significant is that you can upgrade it to ultimate evolution, where each stage of evolution uses five soul stones, so if you are maxed Iron Knight can carry out special attacks which of course can easily defeat the enemy.

Iron Knight Skills Explanation

This hero with extraordinary dexterity and defense has four super powers or what are usually called skills, which you can use to attack enemies with special attacks, but you need to pay attention that skills are divided into two, namely active and passive and Iron Knight has one passive skill which is It's very good if it can be used properly and correctly, more details below.

Weapon Skills (Weapons)

The weapon skill of the Iron Knight hero is called Triple Slash, when this skill is used he will attack the enemy quickly three times and also in the final attack he will stab the enemy which makes him bounce forward, and you can also use this attack while in the air , and the effect is different, namely the Iron Knight will thrust his sword downwards and if the enemy is hit by this attack the effect is stunned.

Armor Skill (Clothes)

The armor skill of the Iron Knight hero is passive, so you don't need to press anything to activate it because it will function automatically. The effect when using it is that when the enemy hits a melee hero or fighter, he will be bounced off by the Iron Knight's armor so this is very useful. useful for you to riot against the enemy.

Helmet Skill (Helmet)

For those of you who like to do swap combos or bounce combos, the gear helmet from Iron Knight is very good to use, this skill is called Headbutt so the effect of using it when the enemy is hit by this attack will make the opponent dizzy because the skill will hit the enemy's head.

Skill Accessories (Trinkets)

Haste Aura is the name of the gear trinket skill from Iron Knight, which is very good for you to use with a team because the effect spreads, so when you use this skill and are close to teammates, the movement speed will increase, and many players use the gear This is to escape from enemy pursuit.

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That's a detailed explanation of the Iron Knight hero in the Lost Saga game. Of course, if you want to use this hero, you have to have it first and you can buy it at the shop using pesos or Gcoin, and practice the Iron Knight hero continuously so you can easily defeat the enemy. , please write criticism and suggestions in the comments column, warm greetings from Mimin, thank you.

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