Install Gnome Pie, a beautiful circle-shaped launcher

Install Gnome Pie on Ubuntu, a beautiful circle-shaped application launcher

There are many launcher which are available on Linux, such as Launcher Unity, Plank, Docky and others. Besides launcher-launcher that you often hear, do you know about Gnome Pie?

Gnome Pie is a launcher an application that has a circular appearance, which was created with a concept Pie where every Pies own Slices in the form of applications that can be managed.

Every Pies existing and created on launcher This application can be opened anywhere with a keyboard combination (shortcuts) certain things that can be arranged.

Gnome Pie as a whole has a different concept to launcher generally, fine with launcher which is available on Windows, Mac and even Linux operating systems. This is because Gnome Pie properly implements a concept known as “Fitts' Law”.

Fitts' Law is a concept about interaction between humans and computers, which estimates how long it takes a user to press a button on a computer. keyboards or move mouse.

Apart from being used to open applications, Gnome Pie can also be used to open applications folders or a specific directory that can be opened using shortcuts.

Unlike launcher others that require users to remember at least the first word/letter of the application to open it,

By using Gnome Pie users only need to remember shortcuts and the location of the application icon you want to open, each Pie has one shortcutseach of which can be adjusted. For example, Pie Bookmarks is available default use shortcuts CTRL + ALT + B.

Install Gnome Pie on Ubuntu and Derivatives

If you use Ubuntu, you can install Gnome Pie on your device using a PPA repositories, which allows you to update it when the latest version of Gnome Pie is available.

Open Terminal on your Ubuntu by pressing the keyboard combination (CTRL+ALT+T) or open Terminal via the applications menu. Then enter the following command in Terminal to add repository from Gnome Pie:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:simonschneegans/testing

Then do it updates to update the list repository and applications by using the following command in Terminal:

sudo apt-get update

After the update process is complete, install Gnome Pie on your device using the following command:

sudo apt-get install gnome-pie

Wait for the Gnome Pie installation process to complete and make sure it is not there error.

After the installation process is complete, you will see an indicator on panel or bar menu your desktop. Then press the keyboard combination CTRL + ALT + A to open the Pie instance that exists by default, press the keyboard combination CTRL + ALT + B to open Pie Bookmarks and so on for the others.

All keyboard combinations (shortcuts) can be changed from Gnome Pie Preferences which you can access via indicator icon on bar menu the.

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