Instagram Tests Flipside Feature, Could Be an Alternative to Second Account

News – Currently, Instagram is testing new features that are similar to second accounts which are used to upload certain content. This new feature is called Flipside.

As is known, many people play Instagram with two accounts. And, both accounts are usually used as private accounts and are only known by a few people.

However, as reported Engadget on Monday (29/1/2024), it seems that Instagram is aware that its users are using this method. They also started testing the Flipside feature, which allows users to upload photos in different galleries and can only be seen by selected friends.


In fact, this feature may be familiar, because the platform also makes it easier for users to create posts aimed at certain, more limited audiences. This feature is called Close Friends and can be found in Story or Feed.

In addition, there is also an audience list feature for Stories, so users can create multiple lists to share in a small group.

Meanwhile, Flipside offers another way to do exactly the same thing. In this feature, users will create a list of different friends from Close Friends, to add to Flipside.

Then, they can immediately post content on the Flipside feed, which can also be seen immediately by selected people. Other users will know whether they can access Flipside just by looking at the lock logo on the user's profile.

On the other hand, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri realizes that this feature looks a bit redundant. Because, according to him, on the one hand, it is quite fun because there is a more private space. Meanwhile, on the other hand, this can be another way to reach other people in small numbers, apart from second accounts or Close Friends.

However, he said that the company is not yet sure about rolling out this feature, which may be why Instagram has been relatively quiet about the test. According to TechCrunch, Flipside was first discovered in December.

Initial reactions to this feature are quite mixed. Some are excited about this update and others are wondering why they need another social media profile to maintain. It's understandable that others seemed confused, considering Adam Mosseri himself looked confused.

Meta's obsession with creating a more private space on Instragram is likely bigger than just adding convenience. Because, Mosseri has repeatedly said over the last few years that Instagram users don't post as much as they used to, especially on their feed.


For applications that rely on advertising, and most of these will rely on user feeds, of course this is less than ideal. So, companies are now looking for ways to get people to spend more time posting and scrolling through their feeds. [FY/IF]

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