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There are actually quite a lot of Indonesian subtitle download sites. And as you know, for those of you who usually watch films but don’t subscribe to a particular platform, you can of course download them directly.

Although sometimes downloaded films do not provide Indonesian subtitles. However, you don’t need to worry. Because here, you can find the best Indonesian subtitle download site besides Subscene.

By using the following download site, your needs for Indonesian subtitles can be met. And indeed this method is not as practical as subscribing to a film watching platform.

However, this method is much cheaper than subscribing to a film platform. Free movies as well as subtitles which are also free. The translator who created the subtitles is already widely known.

Starting from the Handsome Bee, Pein Akatsuki, and various other translators. So, there is no doubt about the quality of translation.

So how about this Indonesian subtitle download site? Here’s the review!

Indonesian Subtitle Download Site

The Best Indonesian Subtitle Download Site

And actually there are several sites to download Indonesian subtitles. Although some of them already have very good reviews from their users. Apart from the quality of the translation, this site is also safe to use.

And it will be very different from many sites that may include phishing links that harm computers. On the following site, you can download for free, get excellent translation quality, and web security that will not harm your computer.

1. YiFY Subtitles

The first Indonesian subtitle download site is YiFY Subtitles. The first site that you can use to download this is of course familiar to you.

YiFY does not only provide a place to download and stream films. YiFY itself also provides a separate site that can be used to download Indonesian subtitles.

Here you can also get various Indonesian subtitles from the latest films. Apart from that, you will also be provided with information about the film and the rating of the film.

If you want to download it, you can click on the movie you want to watch. Please search via the browse or search column. After that, there will be a special link provided for the Indonesian subtitles that you need.

2. Subdl

This site for downloading Indonesian subtitles can provide subtitles for various films. There are also Indonesian subtitles that you can download here. The appearance of this subtitle provider site is also quite simple, making it easier to download the files you want.

However, there are indeed drawbacks that you should also know, namely the completeness of film subtitles which is still inferior compared to the others.


The next Indonesian subtitle download site is You will also be shown a simple interface from this website.

So, you won’t have any hassle when you want to find subtitles for the film you want. And it can be said that the subtitles provided here are quite complete.

There will be subtitles for old school films, original films and of course subtitles for the newest films. If you haven’t found the subtitles of the movie you want, you can use the Search column at the top of the website.

Not only that, on this site you can also provide information about films and their ratings. You will also be given the advantage of choosing a variety of languages.

So, please visit this website to get Indonesian subtitles, as well as subtitles from various languages.

4. Subscenes

As long as you know the title of the film you want to watch, Subscene can really help you. And it’s almost the same as the two sites above, you can get Indonesian subtitles and download them straight away.

Here, it will be very easy for you to search for subtitles because they can be found directly by just typing in the title of the film. And it’s just that, this site is difficult to access. The main cause is changing domains too often.

This is done so that users can still access the complete database from this site.

The latest news related to this site is that it has been blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information so that we cannot access it to download various kinds of subtitles.

5. OpenSubtitles

The next Indonesian subtitle download site that you can use to download Indonesian subtitles is OpenSubtitles. Here, you will also be provided with a place to download subtitles which has a forum-like interface.

In this interface, you can find thousands of Indonesian subtitles that can be downloaded. Open Subtitles also provides a search feature that can be adjusted to the language you want to use.

This is provided, none other than to make it easier for users when searching. Open Subtitles, could be a site for downloading various subtitles according to your wishes.

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Another Indonesian subtitle download site that you can visit to get Indonesian subtitles is Even though this site has a very simple interface, there is no doubt about the subtitle collection problem. Here, you can also find subtitles for various films.

The subtitles provided here can be said to be quite complete. You can also find subtitles for western films, Korean dramas, TV series, and so on. Please visit the site if you really want to search for subtitles from various types of film genres.

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7. Island Fansubs

Actually, there are many more sites that you can visit to download Indonesian subtitles. One of them is Island Fansubs. In it, the Indonesian subtitle download site uses the tagline ‘Indonesian Subtitle Sharing Land’.

And you can if the site is a ‘land’ where Indonesian subtitles are distributed. And unlike other sites which provide subtitles from various genres and countries.

The Island Fansubs site only provides Indonesian subtitles specifically for Korean dramas and Asian series. For those of you who are fans of Korean dramas and Asian series, this site is perfect to visit.

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8. Bolly Nook

And as you know, BollyNook is a site for downloading Indonesian subtitles and you can already guess what genre of film has Indonesian subtitles provided here. You can find Indonesian subtitles for various Bolly or Bollywood films.

For those of you who like films from India, the BollyNook site will provide Indonesian subtitles for you.

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9. iSubscene
iSubscene is one of the Indonesian subtitle download sites that is also widely used. Since being blocked by Kominfo, Subscene has become very difficult to access because it changes its domain too often.

iSubscene is an alternative that can be used. This site has a similar appearance to its predecessor, Subscene. Here, you can also find various Indonesian subtitles for films of various genres and from various countries.

However, almost the same as Subscene, currently the iSubscene site is also difficult to access. If you want to visit it, please use a VPN so that the process of entering the web is smoother.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding Indonesian subtitle download sites. We hope that the information we convey can be useful for you readers.

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