How To Use Sprays In Call Of Duty Mobile?

When Call Of Duty Mobile was released there was so much enthusiasm from gamers all around the world. Garena As Publisher successfully got a million gamers after 3 days this game was released. But, How To Use Sprays In Call Of Duty Mobile?

Call Of Duty Controls have changed for this platform. They do change the game controls to fit in mobile, but this game is still interesting. This game has various modes that you can play and the most important thing call of duty mobile has the ability to let you spray .

How To Get Sprays In Call Of Duty Mobile?

Before you use sprays, you must have this item first. You can get these items from shops or quests. Players who want to buy this item from the shop, you must have enough credits to buy this item. But, if you haven’t enough credits call of duty mobile, find a quest and finish it. The sprays come to you as a reward for completing a mission in that quest. You can get sprays from battle pass rewards too.

After you get the spares you must first set up in your loadout menu. You can bring as many sprays as 12 sprays in a game. There are many various sprays you can bring to the game call of duty mobile. You can set it up by accessing the bottom right corner of your screen, which shows the wheel of your items.

After the wheel shows your item, you must put the spars you have chosen to bring that into the match. You can put emotes or sprays in each slot on the wheel. Well, it’s your choice to put sprays or emotes on that wheel. But, it might be a bad idea if you put all of the slots with sprays. You’ll not express your emotions with emotes anymore in that match.

How To Use Sprays In Call Of Duty Mobile?

Before the match starts, you must check your loadout menu. After you know that you’re bringing sprays on your item list. You have to use it by clicking the navigate button. It place the top right corner of your screen, maybe it’ll be different if you have some customs settings.

But, if you don’t have any customs setting it’ll be there. You just have to tap the thumbs-up icon next to the minimap. Actually, the button has a smaller size than other buttons.

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After you tap the thumb icon, it’ll show the wheel of the loadout you bring in on that match. There will be some emotes if you set that up and of course the sprays in the slot of the wheel. Then, select sprays you like, and pointing towards walls or ground when you will use it.

You can only use The Sprays to the walls or grounds and can’t use it to other players. After you, tap your favorite spray, it’ll appear to the place you had pointing. But, there’s something you need to know, you can’t create another spray if you do spray in another place. The previous one will be gone if you spray in another place. So, let’s Sprays!

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