How to Unregister a Lost Card

How to Unregister a Lost Card? Have you ever lost your cellphone sim card, burned it, or is dead and what’s worse, you forgot the number? If you have and already know how to solve it, good for you, now for those of you who don’t know how, keep reading this article until the end.

If you lose your mobile device, you will also lose the SIM card inside it. You can unregister the lost card and then ask the operator to replace it with a SIM card that has the same number. How to block a lost SIM card should be done as soon as possible by contacting the cellular operator concerned. For example, if you lose your Simpati card, you can immediately contact Telkomsel customer service or come to the nearest Grapari.

The cellular operator who receives the report will immediately add the lost number to a kind of lost number list so that it cannot be used on any network. This ensures that the lost SIM card cannot be used by anyone else.

The customer will not be responsible for unauthorized use by others after the customer reports it. That’s how to block a lost SIM card that must be done immediately after the incident. In general, the steps that customers must take when their SIM card is lost are the same from one operator to another.

How to unregister a lost XL card

If a customer’s XL Prepaid or Postpaid card is lost, they don’t need to worry. The way to unregister a lost XL card is simply to contact the XL Call Center from number 817. Later the operator will block the lost XL card after verifying the customer data according to the data provided during registration at 4444.

After the card has been blocked, customers can immediately come to the nearest XL Center outlet to get a new SIM card with the same number as the XL number they lost. Before going there, don’t forget to bring proof of identity, both KTP and KK.

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How to unregister a lost Telkomsel card

This method is done by coming directly to the nearest Grapari outlet. Use the MyGrapari machine to unregister a lost Telkomsel card. Previously prepare proof of identity in the form of an Electronic KTP (e-KTP), Family Card (KK), and 2 telephone numbers contacted in the last month.

  • On the MyGrapari machine, select the “Telkomsel Customer” menu
  • Then tap the “Lost / Damaged SIM Card” menu.
  • Enter the Telkomsel number you want to replace because it is lost.
  • Type the E-KTP number and family card number (KK) for the customer data validation process.
  • After everything is in order, the machine will issue a new SIM card with the same number as the lost number.

If you don’t have time to go to Grapari, can you unregister the lost Telkomsel card without going to Grapari? Users can directly contact the Telkomsel customer service number at 188. Prepare your personal identity data according to what was given when registering the card to 4444. If verification is carried out correctly, Telkomsel will immediately block the card.

How to unregister a lost Indosat card

Like Telkomsel and XL, the Indosat operator also provides customer service and Indosat outlets for customers who have lost their Indosat cards. To block a lost Indosat card so that it cannot be used by someone else, customers just need to contact Indosat customer service at (021) 30003000.

The condition that must be prepared is that the personal identity data matches the data registered when first registering on 4444. If the data provided matches that on 4444, Indosat will immediately block it. Apart from calling the CS number, customers can also go to the nearest Indosat outlet for this process by bringing their KTP and KK.

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How to unregister an unused SIM card

For customers who often use several SIM cards at once, according to regulations, they must register for each card. Previously, the government provided a provision that one user could register at most three different SIM cards.

However, in the end it was changed so that now customers can register any number of SIM cards according to their needs. SIM card registration aims to prevent misuse of SIM cards for negative things such as spreading fake news, cheating, terrorism, security of non-cash transactions such as internet banking or SMS banking.

All cellular providers provide unreg facilities, which means canceling registration for previously registered NIK and KK numbers. Even though you can now register any SIM card, for data security, it’s a good idea to quickly unregister SIM cards that are not in use, whether because the card is dead, burned, lost or forgotten the card number, before registering a new SIM card. How to unregister Telkomsel, Indosat, Tri, XL, Axis, and Smartfren SIM cards is as follows:

  1. How to Unregister a Telkomsel card

Unregister Telkomsel Can be done by:

  • Send an SMS in the format: UNREG#NIK Number.
  • For example: UNREG#1231231231231233
  • Then send it to 4444.
  • There will be a notification from that number regarding the unreg request.

Another method is by:

  • Dial *4444#
  • then press CALL.
  • Press option number 3 “UNREG”.
  • Then, type the 16 digit NIK number used when registering for the first time then tap send.
  1. How to Unregister an Indosat Card

If via SMS, the format used is:

  • UNREG#NIK Number
  • or UNPAIR#Mobile Number#.
  • For example: UNPAIR#081289101112#
  • Then send it to 4444.
  • Wait for an SMS notification from Indosat on the request.
  1. How to Unreg 3 / Tri / Three cards

How to unregister 3 cards that are lost, dead, blocked or the tri card has been forfeited, can be done by:

  • Access Tri’s official website at the
  • Two options are provided for users, namely “Prepaid Card Registration” and “Unreg”.
  • Because you want to cancel your registration, select “Unregister”.
  • Type in the data used during registration for the first time including the Tri number and also the NIK.
  • Next, press the “Request Secret Code” button.
  • The code is sent directly to the Tri number that will be unregistered.
  • Type the secret code obtained in the column provided.
  • The code is only valid for 5 minutes so it must be entered quickly.
  • Tap on “I’m not a robot” to validate then click the submit button.
  1. How to Unregister XL and Axis cards

XL and Axis are now together in one company so the way to unregister both cards is the same. Using the SMS feature, type: UNREG#NIK Number then type: UNREG#HPNumber#. For example: UNREG#081222222222# then send it to 4444. There will be an SMS notification from XL or Axis.

  1. How to Unregister a Smartfren Card

Here’s how to unregister a lost, dead, burned, etc. Smartfren card:

  • This can be done by sending an SMS in the format: UNREG#NIK Number
  • Then also type UNREG#HP Number#.
  • For example: UNREG#081289101112#
  • Send it to 4444.
  • An SMS notification will be sent to Smartfren stating that the unreg process was successful.

Another way is via online on the official Smartfren website at the address: Please note that the website can only be opened from a cellphone using an internet connection from Smartfren. Don’t forget the “Data Saver” menu on the browser that is used in the off position. Try tapping the dot symbol to the right of the URL column, tapping Settings, then tapping the Data Saver menu. Next, on that page, the user can simply type the SIM card data that they want to unregister. There will be a deactivation notification sent by Smartfren.

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