How to Transfer Credit Tri (3) Easy and Fast

How How to Transfer Tri Credit ? When people ask for a credit transfer, what is on your mind? Of course, if the pulse is not enough, it will run out. This incident can happen to anyone.

When you find this, you don’t need to worry. Operator Tri provides credit transfer services. This means that 3 card users can share credit with other Tri customers.

This will certainly be very profitable for customers who need credit.

Apart from that, by receiving credit from other Tri users, the 3 credit transfer transaction does not increase the active period of the credit recipient, in contrast to Axis credit transfers which will increase the number’s active period. The method for transferring 3 credit is the same as the TF Tsel credit method, it does not increase the active period of the 3 card that receives the credit transfer.

Now, when you run out of credit, you don’t need to be confused. As explained above, the Tri operator provides a credit transfer service.

Tri users can transfer their credit to fellow Tri customers.

If you think about it, this is a loss for the credit sender, who may assume that the Tri credit they have is wasted.

However, behind it all, there are benefits that you can get from credit transfers for those who need it.

How to Transfer Credit Tri (3) Easy and Fast
Complete and Easy Way to Transfer Credit 3

First, of course you can help someone who is in need of credit. Especially if the Tri user is in a position where it is impossible to top up their credit.

For example, when a Tri user is unable to find a counter selling credit, or is experiencing a financial condition that does not support reloading credit.

Through the credit provided, you can provide assistance to the user. After doing good by helping others who need credit, of course you will feel happier.

Before transferring Tri credit from your friend’s number, you must read the conditions for transferring credit between numbers below so you don’t experience confusion.

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Tri Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions

With the Tri credit transfer service, it can certainly help its customers. When you need credit because it has run out and is far from the credit seller or credit agent, you can ask other Tri users to send credit.

However, to enjoy Tri credit transfer services, of course there are several requirements you need to know.

  1. First, the recipient and Tri user must both have an active number.
  2. Second, the minimum nominal credit transferred is IDR 10,000. If the sender transfers credit below this nominal amount, it is certain that the credit sending process will fail. As a result, recipients who need credit are confused because the credit they are waiting for never arrives.
  3. Third, after making the transfer, the sender must have credit of at least IDR 10,000. If the credit you have after making a transfer is below this nominal amount, the credit will not be sent. Therefore, before making a transfer, make sure you have enough credit for the transfer and enough for the minimum nominal credit after the transfer.
  4. Fourth, when making a transfer, the sender will be charged IDR 500 for each credit transaction. This condition applies to all nominal amounts of credit to be transferred.
  5. Lastly, the credit transfer service is limited to three times a day. Therefore, make sure you have enough credit transferred, so you don’t need to make repeated transfers.

One thing that needs to be regretted now is that Tri no longer provides credit transfer services, either to fellow operators or to other operators.

Other services from Tri :

  1. Check Internet Quota Tri
  2. Check your own Tri Number
  3. Tri Internet Package List

In addition, before transferring credit to a friend, you must check your friend’s Tri number pulse, the method can be read below:

How to Check Tri Number Credit

To check credit 3, you can dial up *111#, then press the call button. That way, the Tri credit you have will be displayed on your smartphone.

This service is quite easy and the process is also fast. So, there’s no harm in checking your credit first before you make a call.

Not only can you check your credit, you can also check your quota or internet credit on this service. Yes, on the *111# service, you can also get information about your Tri credit top-up promo and bonus.

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How to transfer pulses to fellow 3 Tri

The way to transfer 3 Tri credit is using USSD code 323. Steps:

1. Dial *323#

2. Type in the credit recipient’s cellphone number

3. Type in the transferred credit value

4. Wait for confirmation SMS from 323 (Tri)

Unfortunately there is no way to transfer Three credit using the Bima+ App.

Credit Transfer Fee 3 Tri

3 Tri pulse transfer fee = IDR 0 (free) based on our experiment shown in the picture above.

Credit Transfer
Transfer fee
three pulse
1,000 Free
5,000 Free
10,000 Free
25,000 Free
50,000 Free
100,000 Free
200,000 Free

Terms and conditions for 3 Tri credit transfer:

  • Sender Credit must be in the active period to send credit.
  • Recipient credit may be in the active period / grace period (free).
  • Minimum credit transfer = IDR 1000, and the value must be a multiple of 1000
  • Maximum total credit transfer (Send) = IDR 200,000 per day
  • The sender’s minimum credit balance = IDR 5,000 before and after the transfer
  • Maximum frequency of sending pulses = Unlimited
  • Transfer fee = free
  • The credit that is cut off for sending Credit is the Main Credit. Credit bonus components cannot be used for transfers.
  • All Prepaid / Prepaid products or cards can transfer credit, except Prime Jumbo.

This is the information we can convey to Tri users who are looking for it How to transfer Tri credit between users.

Hopefully the material this time can be helpful and useful to those of you who are looking for a complete and easy way to transfer credit 3. Thank You.

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