How to top up Stumble Guys

Games are the most interesting entertainment for those of you who are bored after a day of activities. There are so many game genres that you can choose from.

One game that is fun to play is the battle game Stumble Guys.

The Stumble Guys game is an interesting battle royale party game and very interesting to play. This Stumble Guys game has unique game play mechanics, so you must try it.

Just like most games, in Stumble Guys you can also top up.

New players may find it difficult to top up the first time in the Stumble Guys game. Therefore, we will share with you how to top up this game.

So, those of you who want to top up the Stumble Guy game can listen to this discussion carefully.

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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guy is a fun multiplayer party game to play. A match in Stumble Guy can have up to 32 players.

The players must try to win the match in the rounds provided.

If you are bored with the usual battle royale games, then you can try this unique battle royale game.

Stumble Guy itself is available for PC on Steam. Apart from that, Stumble Guy apk is also available on the Play Store and App Store.

How to Top Up Stumble Guys

In many games there is always a top up system that can make players buy items.

In this Stumble Guy game there is also a top up system. You can top up at Stumble Guy to buy gems and stumble tokens.

You can use gems and stumble tokens from top up results to buy skins. There are several types of skins available in the Stumble Guy game, including Common Skin, Rare Skin, and Epic Skin.

Apart from buying skins, gems and stumble tokens can also be used to buy other items.

If you want to collect items on Stumble Guys, then you can top up to buy stumble gems and tokens. Then use gems and stumble tokens to buy the items you want.

Top Up Order at Stumble Guys

To top up the Stumble Guy game is basically quite easy. Top up Stumble Guy on PC, Android and iOS is almost the same.

To be able to top up Stumble Guy on Android, you can top up for Stumble tokens, gems, to buy skins.

Open the Stumble Guy game, then go to the Shop section. Tap the Gems menu, then you can choose the number of top up Gems or Stumble Tokens that you want.

After that, payment will continue using Google Play payment.

Select your payment method on Google Play, after the payment is complete the stumble gem or token will enter your account.

That was the article about how to top up Stumble Guy on iOS, Android and PC.

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