How to Top Up Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail has many features and the update will bring lots of new things for players to discover later. You can also find out how to Top Up Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail, doing it is really easy to do. Having your own Express Supply Pass will make you profitable for 1 full month.

There are lots of interesting things in Honkai Star Rail, making players even more interested and curious about playing the game. Because it gives a very good impression, of course you will also feel interested in playing this game right now.

Players can also try How to Download Honkai Star Rail which is so exciting, it makes it easy for players to play it now. You will immediately understand all this, it can help new players who want to play this game easily.

Trailblazer must know how to Top Up Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail, it turns out it’s really easy and we can use it easily. Because using the Express Supply Pass will make you benefit from here right now.

How to Top Up Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail

  1. Login Honkai Star Rail First

    You can immediately log in to the Honkai Star Rail game first, so that you can get this immediately. As a gift, you can top up and start the process easily.

  2. Then Select Stores

    Then you can immediately select the Honkai Star Rail game menu section, then information will appear called Store so we can use it now. After entering the place, you will immediately see the existing Express Supply Pass purchase option.

  3. Select Buy and Payment Options

    Next, all we have to do is select the word Buy, so we can immediately enter the Advanced options to complete it. So from here there are various payment options, you can choose which part you want to use. It only costs Rp. 79,000, but for 1 month you can get Stellar Jade for around Rp. 200,000 and above.

  4. Follow the process according to your gift

    Make sure you follow each payment process according to the choices you make. Because this will depend on you, the process will definitely be faster because of this.

  5. Express Supply Pass is Active

    If the payment has been completed, the Express Supply Pass will immediately be active and we can use it every day. The duration of the feature depends on your purchase, if it is 1 month, that means for 31 days you will get 90 Stellar Jade when you log in.

The Express Supply Pass feature is really good, it can make you get Stellar Jade very easily. Only with that will you be flooded with quite a lot of Stellar Jade, this will make it easier for you to do Gacha or buy anything in the game.

Then looking at some of the Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List, definitely want to have one of them all. Because it has very good abilities in certain situations, it will be able to give an interesting impression for you to use later.

After knowing how to Top Up the Honkai Star Rail Express Supply Pass, you can immediately try it all yourself. Of course, this way the players will immediately get a pretty good prize and will give us lots of Stellar Jade.

Then for How to Get Stellar Jade Honkai Star Rail, you can try it right away and have no trouble doing it. Because there are several processes that are quite easy and you can immediately try them yourself in the game later.

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