How to Take Screenshots on Oppo Cellphones Easily

There are many smartphone brands on the market, one of which is Oppo. Apart from having advanced and continuous features up to date, the selling price of HP Oppo on the market is also affordable. Almost all cellphones have features screenshot, including Oppo cellphones. How to screenshot HP Oppo easily?

Screenshoot function on cellphone screen

screenshot is one of the features that must be present in a smartphones. It is undeniable that the features screenshot really helps users in various ways. This feature is like providing solutions to problems that are often faced by users. What are the functions screenshot on smartphones?

  1. Helps get work done faster

Instead of having to copy or rewrite a text to share with others, do it screenshot on the screen will speed up the step. Sometimes you also need to send data using images.

Instead of having to download it first, screenshot quicker and simpler to do. You can also save more time in terms of the job.

  1. Shows the results of work quickly

Because of the rush and urgent, screenshot is a simple, concise and fast way to show the results of your work to others. Especially when you have to ask other people for opinions, for example about design or whatever.

Of course it will be faster if you do screenshot on a screen or page that you want to show others. Then send the screenshot via social media or chat to get a response as soon as possible.

  1. Makes it easy to share stories with others

When you have difficulty writing or retelling something to other people, then screenshot is the best choice to help you. Simply by capturing the desired conversation or data screen, other people can easily find out the story in question.

  1. Authentic evidence

If someone’s chat or post can be easily deleted, you can do so screenshot first to save data evidence. Results screenshot This can be authentic evidence if needed at any time.

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How to Screenshot HP Oppo Easily

Basically, way screenshot Oppo cellphones for various types such as Oppo F1S, A12, A15, A31, and Oppo A53 are very easy to do. Here are the steps you can follow, including:

  1. Volume and Power button

This method is commonly used for all types of cellphones, including the Oppo A31 and other types of Oppo.

  • Select the page to capture the screen
  • Press the bottom volume button and the power button at the same time
  • Wait until the cellphone beeps
  • This sound is a sign that you have succeeded screenshot
  • Results screenshot will be directly stored in the HP gallery automatically
  1. With three fingers

Oppo is indeed special because it managed to use the three-finger swipe feature to take screenshots before being followed by other brands. This method can be done for the Oppo A12 type and other types.

  • Select the screen or page to be displayed.screenshot
  • Swipe three fingers from top to bottom
  • The screen will blink for a few moments
  • The screenshot will be immediately saved in the photo gallery
  1. With the Hp Screen Screenshot application

  • Download the app easy screenshot or screenshot touch on PlayStore
  • Open the app
  • Turn on mode screenshot
  • The button will automatically appear on the screen
  • You can start doing screenshot even just by shaking the phone
  1. Long screen

  • Select the page you want toscreenshot
  • Press the volume and power buttons together
  • Menu screenshot will appear on the screen
  • Select the long screen feature
  • Navigate to move the screen from top to bottom as needed

Basically, all screenshots will be saved automatically in the cellphone photo gallery. You can choose one of several ways screenshot This Oppo cellphone suits your needs and type. Is it Oppo A15 or another type.

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