How to Solve PUBG Mobile Keymapping Error on Tencent Emulator

A few days ago I experienced keymapping error in the PUBG Mobile game. Keymapping error is a condition where the mouse and keyboard cannot work properly in the game.

This error condition is very annoying because we cannot control the player characters in PUBG properly.

Until now, we are still looking to find out what factors cause the keyboard and mouse to not function properly in the PUBG game.

When I tried typing and directing the cursor, it worked fine without using the PUBG Emulator.

How to Overcome Keyboard and Mouse (Keymapping) Errors in Tencent PC Emulator

Learning from experience, we finally found several ways you can solve this keymapping error.

Usually keymapping errors occur when the game beta update process has not been completed or there are problems with some settings. Immediately, here's how to solve the keymapping error problem in the PUBG game.

Update the Tencent Emulator Engine to the Latest Version

Errors in mouse and keyboard keymapping can be caused by you updating your PUBG Mobile emulator.

With every update and update, of course there are improvements from the previous version. Therefore, you must update your PUBG Mobile emulator to the latest version.

The way to update the emulator engine on Tencent is as follows.

1. Click the button Menu Strip three which is above right.

2. Wait a moment, information will appear changelog in the form of any changes that occurred in the latest update. Click the button Update Now and wait until the updating process is complete.

Change Game Display Resolution

The next solution if you still experience the same thing if you have updated the emulator, is to change the game display resolution.

I don't know why this display resolution has often had problems since season 9. The way to change the display resolution in the PUBG game is as follows.

1. Click triple strip menu which is at the top right of the game.

2. Click tabs Gamesand change the Game Resolution to a display resolution that suits your computer.

3. Click the button saveAnd restart emulator to change resolution settings.

Reset PUBG Mobile Keymapping in Emulator

It could be that your PUBG keymapping settings are problematic, either due to the wrong press or the wrong settings.

There's no harm in trying to return the PUBG Mobile keymapping settings in the emulator to basic settings. You can do it as follows.

1. Make sure you have entered the lobby.

2. Click the icon in the shape of a keyboard (keymapping) or in Indonesian it is called Keyboard Mapping.

3. Keyboard settings will appear which you can edit as shown in the image below. However, please note that any form of change can make the keyboard and mouse not work properly.

Here we will restore the settings keymapping PUBG Mobile emulator back. The method is to click the button Reset which is located at the bottom right.

Do not forget to save after clicking the button reset those settings.

Restart PC and Emulator

The final step that needs to be done is to restart the emulator and PC.

We recommend that you just restart your PC so that no software or settings cache after making changes.

That's our review of an easy way to overcome errors that occur on the keyboard and mouse in the PUBG Emulator. Look forward to other interesting articles only on Ponselsoak, bro.

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