How to Setup Emudeck For Windows

Tech – Steam Deck users may already be familiar with Emudeck. This is a game organizer that will make it easier for us to install, configure and play all the retro games that we have.

After waiting for some time, Emudeck has finally released the Windows version which we can use on various devices such as laptops, PCs, ROG Ally, Legion GO and others.

Here is how to setup emudeck on Windows.

Step 1 Install Emudeck

Please go to the official Emudeck website and download the Windows version.

Once downloaded, run the file to open a terminal window and just follow the steps to install Emudeck

Step 2 Configure Emudeck

At the initial stage, please select Custom Mode and select Continue

Next, select the directory to save the game ROM to be played and select continue

After that, select the device used and select Next

Then please select the emulator you want to install on the Emudeck.

After selecting the desired emulator, please continue the setup as needed and select Finish

Step 3 Add BIOS

After all the emulators are installed, we need to add the BIOS so we can use the emulator. The BIOS from each emulator can be dumped from the console you own or you can download the Minimum Bios Pack below.

Minimum BIOS Pack

After downloading, please extract the BIOS using 7Zip and copy the bios file to the emudeck data directory.

Next, go into emudeck again and select BIOS Checker then make sure everything is checked

Step 4 Adding Games

Please go to Drive D (Selected Directory) then go to the emulation folder and go to the roms folder

after that just enter Game ROMs to each folder according to your wishes.

Game format please read on Emudeck Wiki.

After adding the game, please restart the emudeck

Step 5 Adding Games to Steam

After entering Emudeck select the Steam ROM Manager menu

Select the emulator that was added to Steam and select Add Games

So now all games and emulators from Emudeck will go to Steam

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