How to Set Up Digital TV to Search for Broadcast Programs

In Indonesia, analog TV broadcasts can no longer be used. If you want to watch TV, digital TV is the easiest solution. To use digital TV, of course we have to set digital TV to search for digital TV broadcasts.

Currently, digital TV has become a form of campaign from the government to provide a much clearer screen display. So analog TV-based TV channels can no longer be used in Indonesia.

As you all know, since November 2 2022, all use of Analog TV channels has been officially stopped by the government. Therefore, there are several things you have to pay attention to, one of which is using a set top box, here are the steps for finding TV channels:

1. Connect the Set Top Box to the TV

The first step you have to do is buy a set top box first. So, here are some official STB price lists that have been verified by Kominfo:

  • Freebox H-1 priced at IDR 150,000
  • Goldsat Sonic priced at IDR 189,000
  • Goldsat Revo priced at IDR 160,000
  • Iota Omega priced at IDR 175,000
  • Advan DVB-10 KK priced at IDR 160,000
  • Venus Brio Rp. 155,000
  • Wellhome Crown Rp. 170,000
  • Aldo STB 03 priced at IDR 170,000
  • CBM SEI130LN priced at IDR 150,000
  • Erza Genesis priced at IDR 160,000
  • Evercoss STB1 priced at IDR 160,000
  • Luby Digitant priced at IDR 160,000
  • Matrix CH-77 priced at IDR 175,000
  • Myvo Star-01 Rp. 185.00
  • Noise Diamond Rp. 179,000
  • Pioline DVB-T2 Rp. 158,000
  • Tanaka T2 Rp. 182,000
  • Tanaka T2 Sniper Rp. 160,000
  • Tanaka T2 Jurassic Rp. 190,000
  • Evercoss STB Mini priced at IDR 170,000
  • Evenix H-1 priced at IDR 189,000
  • Winasat HD-88 N Rp. 160,000

There are lots of options you can choose from, right? So you can adjust it to the budget you have, whether it's the cheapest or the most expensive.

After you buy one of the set top boxes above, the next step is to connect it to your TV device. However, if your TV is digital then there is no need to use a set top box.

2. Enter the Settings Menu

The second step is to enter the settings menu on the television screen. Take the remote then open the settings menu by pressing the Settings button on the remote.

Usually this settings button has an image of a cogwheel and is accompanied by the words settings at the top. After that, select the program menu or programs.

This menu will later help you search for TV broadcasts either manually or automatically. So you can choose to search for broadcasts automatically or manually according to your needs.

3. Search Broadcasts Automatically

The third step is to search for signals automatically. This automatic search feature makes it easier for all of you to search for signals.

Now, after you open the settings menu and also the program button, then continue the search by clicking on the Auto Tuning menu. The method is to use the antenna on the TV by using the signal capture device on the antenna.

However, if you don't have an antenna, then you can use a set top box or cable. Finally, you can click start to start the process of searching for a signal on the TV.

4. Wait until the TV finds broadcast

The final step in automatically searching for TV broadcasts is to wait until the TV device can catch all the TV channels. After that, you can watch all the TV programs that have a signal.

5. Search for Digital TV Broadcasts Manually

After searching for TV broadcasts automatically, the next step is to search for signals manually. The way to do this is by selecting manual tuning. After that, enter the transmitting tower code.

What is entered is the MUX number parameter and also the transmitting tower code. So, you have to contact the service provider first.

After you enter the tower code and MUX number parameters, then wait a few moments and if necessary, rotate the antenna so that the signal you get is the strongest signal. After that, select the Start menu to perform a channel scan and wait until this process is complete.

So after that the TV broadcast will be saved automatically. You can immediately enjoy various TV broadcasts that you have previously saved. Also read: Digital TV Channels.

Some of the advantages of digital TV are that it can provide more diverse broadcasts and can encourage creative industries in Indonesia. So, what are you waiting for, immediately switch to digital TV if your TV is still analog or tube type.


How to search for digital TV broadcasts is very easy to practice, right? You can search for broadcasts manually or automatically depending on your tastes and needs.

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