How to Screenshot Samsung A05 in Three Easy Methods

News – For how to take screenshots on your cellphone Samsung A05 can apparently be done in three easy methods. The following is a detailed explanation of each method in question.

For your information, some time ago the South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung just released their newest type of cellphone in its class entry levelnamely the Samsung Galaxy A05.

This cellphone comes with specifications that are good enough to support daily needs, an attractive design and of course a very affordable price.

As with other Samsung cellphones, the Samsung A05 cellphone is also equipped with a feature for taking screenshots which is useful for immortalizing certain moments and activities on the screen.

Therefore, if you are one of the Samsung A05 cellphone users and still don't understand how to use the screen screenshot feature on the Samsung A05 cellphone, please follow the guide in the article below.

How to Screenshot Samsung A05 in Three Easy Methods

Taking screenshots or often abbreviated as SS is an alternative for users who want to save information on their cellphone screen in the form of images or photos.

For example, saving evidence of conversations, saving account number information or the like and to immortalize other important moments on the cellphone screen.

Especially for the Samsung A05 cellphone, taking screenshots can be done in three methods. The following is a detailed explanation.

1. How to SS Samsung A05 via physical buttons

The first method is a general method for taking screenshots which can be applied to all types and types of smartphones from any brand, including Samsung.

This method uses a combination of the physical Power and volume down buttons pressed simultaneously.

For the steps, you can follow the method below:

  • For the first step, please position your cellphone screen in the area to be taken as a screenshot
  • Next, please press the Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously
  • If the screen flashes, that is a sign that the screenshot was successful
  • To see the results, please check the Gallery menu on your Samsung A05.

2. How to take a screenshot of the Samsung A05 via the Assistant Menu

The next method for taking screenshots on the Samsung A05 cellphone can be done by using the Assistant Menu feature.

This second method can be used as an alternative, if you want the Volume and Power buttons on the Samsung A05 cellphone to remain durable.

Following are the steps to use the Assistant Menu feature to take screenshots on the Samsung A05 cellphone:

  • For initial steps, please enter the Settings menu on the Samsung A05 cellphone.
  • Next, select the Accessibility menu, then select Interaction and Dexterity.
  • In this menu, please activate the Assistant menu by sliding the cylinder next to it.
  • Click the Allow button to appear access permission.
  • Next, the Assistant menu button will appear floating on the screen
  • If you want to take a screenshot, please position the screen in the part that will be SS
  • Then, please click the floating Assistant menu button.
  • Then select Screenshots.
  • To see the results, check the Gallery menu

3. How to SS on the Samsung A05 via the Shortcut Menu

For the final easy method for taking screenshots on the Samsung A05, you can use the quick settings feature or the shortcut menu.

The method is as follows:

  • Swipe the screen from top to bottom with one finger
  • Several menus will appear
  • Swipe to the right, until the + icon appears
  • Next, click the + icon, then click the Take Screenshot menu
  • If so, click the finish button
  • To take a screenshot, set the cellphone screen on the area to be screenshot
  • Then swipe the screen down, then press the Take Screenshot icon
  • Later, the screen will flash and SS is successful
  • Check the SS results in the Gallery menu

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