How to Register for the Latest Smartfren Internet Packages for September 2023

Smartfrena local CDMA network-based telephony operator, aka Indonesia, apart from providing a telephony network, it also provides an internet network.

By widening the target market to the internet network for CDMA smartphones, especially the series HP Smartfren which now has quite a lot of series that have been issued and also for smartfren modems which now have 3 networks that are supported from the first namely REV-A, REV-B and the latest is the 4G LTE network.

Smartfren Internet Packages for now it is enough to be enjoyed by internet network users. Even though the cellphone used is GSM, but with the latest products released by Smartfren in the past months on the 4G LTE network, namely 4G LTE smartfren modem which applies the Wifi feature to the modem.

So that GSM cell phones and laptops that have WiFi facilities can use the internet network from Smartfren.

The internet connection that is offered is quite tempting, therefore on the current 4G LTE network, this Indonesian CDMA operator is preferred by consumers.

Indeed, consumers recognize the consistency of this CDMA network company because at the beginning of entering the Indonesian market, Smartfren’s slogan from time to time was “Great, Save”, “Smartfren Anti-Slow”, and there are still other slogans that it tries to fulfill.

There are many Smartfren internet packages on offer and various prices.

Therefore users are especially good users HP Smartfren 4G LTE And Smartfren 4G LTE MiFi Modem and others must know how to register and what are the packages. Use it to know the package that suits their daily needs.

Other Internet Packages:

In addition to the regular data quota internet packages that last between business hours, there are also various kinds of quota bonuses that are given to users who order certain internet packages.

So here is the thing you are most looking for, namely the bonus Smartfren night quota which is quite a lot in the range of 5GB to 12GB which you can enjoy from 01:00 to 07:00 WIB.

At Smartfren there are many internet packages available. Then what are the existing Smartfren internet packages and how do you register a cellphone/modem number so that you can use it to access the internet?

  1. Prepaid Internet Packages
  2. Postpaid Internet Packages

Smartfren Prepaid Internet Package

For this internet package, where you package the internet so you can use it to surf the virtual world or social media, you have to top up credit first.

Then just package it to the internet package that has been provided in this prepaid internet package. Here’s the package:

How to Register for the Latest Smartfren Package
How to Register for the Latest Smartfren Package


In this Smartfren package, there are also many Smartfren packages that are offered, there are hourly, daily, weekly and monthly models as well as volume-based autorenewal and non-autorenewal. Now for those with non-autorenew Volume Based internet packages, you can see below the list of internet packages:

Daily 2,000 30MB Internet(space)Vol2k


Can’t get bonus internet at night

6,000 100 MB Internet(space)Vol6rb


Can’t get bonus internet at night

Weekly 12,000 300MB Internet(space)Vol12rb


Can’t get bonus internet at night

25,000 650MB Internet(space)Vol25rb


Can’t get night internet bonus

Monthly 50,000 1.75GB Internet(space)Vol50rb


Can’t get night internet bonus

60,000 2gb Internet(space)Vol60k


Bonus internet night 12 GB

100,000 5GB Internet(space)Vol100rb


Bonus internet night 12 GB

150,000 9GB Internet(space)Vol150rb


Bonus internet night 12 GB

*Promotion valid until September 31, 2023

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Internet Connex Volume Based Auto Renewal

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered buying Internet services every month, Volume Based Internet Services are also available with the Auto-Renewal feature, where your smartfren package will automatically be renewed at the end of the validity period.

Internet Connex Volume Based Auto Renewal Service Options :

DATA PACKAGE PRICE (IDR) VOLUME How to Buy a Smartfren Package
Weekly 12,000 300MB Internet(space)Vol12k(space)Auto
25,000 650MB Internet(space)Vol25k(space)Auto
Monthly 50,000 1.75GB Internet(space)Vol50k(space)Auto
60,000 2GB Internet(space)Vol60k(space)Auto
100,000 5gb Internet(space)Vol100k(space)Auto
150,000 9GB Internet(space)Vol150k(space)Auto

If your Volume Based Internet Service Quota has run out, you can buy additional Quota at a more economical price.

Add On Volume Based Auto Renewal

10,000 250MB Add(space)Internet10rb According to the Main Package Validity Period
25,000 1 GB Add(space)Internet25rb

Smartfren Night Internet Package

For those of you who like to stay up late while surfing the Internet, you can buy Smartfren Night Internet Package Additional Services to get abundant quotas for only 10 thousand rupiah.

10,000 12GB Internet(space)Evening

Apart from the smartfren night quota, there is also internet with unlimited packages, but there are limits every day which can be called FUP. Here are the Smartfren packages for unlimited internet options.

DATA PACKAGE PRICE (IDR) FUP QUOTA How to Buy a Smartfren Package
Daily 15,000 150 MB Internet(space)Unl15k *123*3*7*15
Monthly 60,000 1.5 GB Internet(space)Unl60rb *123*3*7*60
100,000 3GB Internet(space)Unl100rb *123*3*7*100
200,000 9GB Internet(space)Unl200rb *123*3*7*200
10,000 500 MB 512 Internet(space)Booster512
15,000 500 MB 1024 Internet(space)Booster1024
20,000 500MB 3100 Internet(space)Booster3100

So, for those of you who are using the Smartfren unlimited internet package, please read the details below:


  • The basic speed of the Smartfren Unlimited Internet Service is 512 Kbps (Download), Customers can enjoy higher speeds by purchasing a smartfren booster package.
  • Fair usage rules apply, after exceeding the FUP limit the download speed becomes 64 Kbps until the package expires
  • Rates include VAT, effective September 18, 2023

Unlimited 50,000 and 75,000 Internet services will no longer be available starting September 17, 2023. Customers who are still using these services can enjoy Automatic Extension until September 31, 2023.

(If the automatic renewal process is not successful, the customer must make a repurchase in accordance with the New Service effective from September 18, 2023)

  • After the validity period of the package expires, the customer will be charged a regular tariff according to the basic data service tariff
  • All monthly-based Smartfren Unlimited internet packages have an auto renewal feature, the internet package will be extended on the 30th day
  • Time follows the WIB zone

In addition, there is also a new network that uses the Connex EVO concept, which is an innovation from Smartfren to make it easier for customers to enjoy Internet services.

With the Auto Purchase Feature, every time a customer tops up their credit, it will immediately turn into a Quota that can be used for Internet.

CONNEX EVO advantages:
– Easier (no hassle registering smartfren package)
– No speed limit (speed up to 14.7 Mbps)
– You can enjoy fast internet packages easily!

Smartfren Volume Based EVO package

(01:00 – 06:59 WIB)
1,000 20MB 1 day
5,000 100MB
10,000 250 MB 15 Days
20,000 500MB 30 days
50,000 1.75 GB
60,000 2GB 12 GB
100,000 5GB
150,000 9GB

How to Buy Smartfren Internet Packages

How to buy Smartfren Quota with various choices of internet quota is quite easy. You can via SMS to 123 in the following way:

For INTERNET VOLUME BASED Packages: Internet(space)VOLPrice of Package

Example :

  1. To purchase a Volume Based Internet Package of IDR 2,000, the format used is Internet(space)Vol2rb
  2. To purchase a Volume Based Internet Package of IDR 12,000, the format used is Internet(space)Vol12rb
  3. For UNLIMITED INTERNET Package Internet(space)UNLPackage Price

Example :

To purchase an Unlimited Internet Package of IDR 15,000, the format used is Internet(space)Unl15k

To purchase an Unlimited Internet Package of IDR 60,000, the format used is Internet(space)Unl60k

So, the above is for those who have gadgets, what about Mifi Smartfren users? You can read here: How to Fill Smartfren Mifi Internet Package Quota

How to Deactivate Smartfren Internet Service

To deactivate the Internet Connex Service, do the following:

Type SMS: Connex(space)Off Then Send to 123

Note: For Smartfren internet data package users, the registration method in this article sometimes changes internet package promo from Smartfren, so if there is an error, try visiting the official site directly.

Also read the article about Price List for Smartfren HP Under 2 Million. List of smartfren internet packages.

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