How to Register for Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages 8 GB Only 50 K September 2023

List of Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages – Today internet packages are a daily necessity for accessing various information and communicating using social media, and because of the many smartphone users who of course use internet packages. Sometimes to have an internet package you have to buy a new starter, a new number to get the package without registering.

Indeed, the advantage of buying an internet package by buying a new starter pack means having to buy a one-time use card, buying a card does not need to bother registering for an internet package. All you have to do is buy it and you can use it right away, but the drawback is that disposable packages are a bit expensive compared to buying your own packages.

Cellular providers in Indonesia are still dominated by Telkomsel, apart from XL Axiata, Indosat, Smartfren, and Bolt, Telkomsel is still the choice of the Indonesian people because it is proven to have a strong network that spreads even to remote villages. Apart from that, the Telkomsel provider also offers internet packages to connect cellphones to the internet world.

Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages
Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages

Telkomsel SimPati Internet data package And Super cheap aces actually we can get it easily without having to buy a new starter pack, as we know that Telkomsel internet packages are quite expensive than other providers, and this time we, the Cheap Cellphone Price Site, will provide the following easy and inexpensive way to register Telkomsel Internet packages.

Telkomsel users themselves certainly already know how to register for a Telkomsel Internet Package via Simpati or Kartu As with various price variations. However, if you buy a Telkomsel internet package at the normal price it will feel expensive, and this time Telkomsel is offering a cheap Telkomsel internet package promo.

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cheap telkomsel internet packages
cheap telkomsel internet packages

Recently, there have been many netizens on the internet and in social media groups sharing how to register for a Telkomsel internet package at a low price, and indeed the price for this cheap Telkomsel internet package has been officially released by the provider. In this case, the 8GB Internet Package with an active period of 30 days is only priced at IDR 50 thousand, and the 4.5GB data package with an active period of 30 days is only priced at IDR 30,000, very cheap, right?

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The normal price for the 8GB Telkomsel Simpati Internet data package purchased via *363# access will be priced at Rp. 245 thousand, but because this is a promo, if you buy the 8GB internet package, you will only withdraw 50 thousand. The method is quite easy and as usual.

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latest telkomsel internet package

How to Register for Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages

The first step that must be taken is to type one of the cheap Telkomsel quota codes below on a smartphone that has the Telkomsel provider installed, *550*890#, *550*933#, *550*99#, *550*912#, *550 *911#, *550*910#, *550*909#, *550*908#, *550*907#, *550*906#, *550*905#, *550*904#, *550*903 #, *550*902#, *550*901#, *550*805#, *550*801#, *550*8#, *550*790#, *550*730#, *550*7#, *550*690#, *550*600#, *550*555#, *550*55#, *550*530#, *550*52#, *550*51#, or *550*505#

For example, we use the code *550*790# as seen in the image below,

The second step is that you will receive a menu list of Telkomsel Speeding SUPER CHEAP Internet packages with 30 and 90 day internet packages.

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The third step, then choose the first option, namely 30 days, and you will be faced with options as below.

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Fourth step, enter number 5 to select a cheap Telkomsel Internet package of IDR 50 thousand/8GB/30hr, and send it.

In the fifth step, you will get a message that says ‘Thank you, your request is being processed.’

The final step is to receive an SMS notification from 3636 regarding the successful purchase of a Telkomsel 8G internet package for IDR 50,000.

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After that, please use the internet quota package that you have purchased at a super cheap price, and one more thing, use your internet quota package with positive activities. The method is very easy, right? So, that’s how to register for a cheap Telkomsel internet package, and thank you for your participation.

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