How to Insert Photos or Images into CorelDRAW

What application do you use when needed to edit photos or process graphic objects?

Of the several lists of existing applications, CorelDRAW is one that is used quite often because the capabilities of this application are more powerful than others.

There are advantages to using CorelDRAW, such as its comprehensive features (for those who are just learning to design) and user interface CorelDRAW is less confusing.

For those of you who want to learn techniques editing In CorelDRAW, we have provided tips on how to insert photos or images into CorelDRAW.

Tricks like this are done most often, because basically CorelDRAW functions to change image objects, combine two objects into one, or include other manipulation effects.

For further information, please follow the content of this article to the end.

How to Insert Photos or Images into CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW has been created and packaged with a fairly simple application display form. Using CorelDRAW is much easier than some competitors in its class.

For example, you can operate all feature access via the buttons on the left side of the screen. Then menus properties will come out on the top side of the sheet canvas when you activate the function there.

The color selection is also monitored below, making it much easier to change fill And strokes color in a graphic object.

To insert photos or images into CorelDRAW, we can do it in 3 ways.

First with method importafter that use access shortcutsand finally the easiest, namely drag and drop.

As the name suggests, access the menu Import can function to insert all forms of files into CorelDRAW. But people often use the following tools to input images and photos.

To use it is very easy, please follow the tutorial directly below.

  1. Please open the application CorelDRAW.
  2. Then create a new document there.
  3. If so, press the ribbon menu Files.
  4. Then select the menu button Import.
  5. Please select photo or picture that you want to enter.
  6. Then drop the image according to the size you specified. The method click hold and drag to display the image.
  7. Finished.

This button Import You can also find it under the menu Ribbon. Place it right below the menu Text. Click once and then you will be asked to select a file as above.

2. Insert an image via shortcut access

If you want the easiest way, we can use the button directly Shortcuts special command Import.

In CorelDRAW itself, a menu is available Shortcuts which is useful for shortening our commands in operating the function menu there.

To activate the feature Importplease click Shortcuts the following :

  1. Please enter the application CorelDRAW.
  2. Open or create a document new there.
  3. If so, please press the button directly CTRL + I.
  4. Select the image file you want to insert. Then click Import.
  5. Here you place the image in a way tap And drag then adjust the size. Then the image will automatically appear there.

3. Insert images via drag and drop

The next way to insert photos or images into CorelDRAW, we can use the general method, namely drag and drop. This method is very common and is almost applicable to all applications.

The difference with the menu Import above, you don't need to click and drag the image object, but the object immediately adjusts to size preview full.

  1. First, you open the application CorelDRAW.
  2. Create a new document or please open files which has been made.
  3. Then open it File Explorer. Find the location of the image you want to insert in Corel.
  4. Push And hold the image that, then drag above the CorelDraw application.
  5. The image will automatically enter and adjust its size there.
  6. Finished.

The final word

How, how to insert photos or images into CorelDRAW is very easy, isn't it?

Please follow the tutorial above to learn simple tricks starting from inserting photos in several ways. Study other tutorials that the Kompiwin Team has previously made. Hope it is useful.

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