How to Get the Solar Pearl Weapon Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has presented many cool weapons for players to own. Then a way to get the Solar Pearl Genshin Impact weapon, of course you can try it right now. In order to have other pretty good weapons, so that your character still feels stronger when fighting later.

Now we will indeed see many interesting things from Genshin Impact, of course you have to immediately know and see them. So that we don’t miss out on some very good and profitable ones, for all of us who play. Because there are several new things, maybe you haven’t experienced them yet.

Especially for the 10 Main Parties for Genshin Impact Players that are present in this game, they have their own variations and you might like them. However, for some party characters, if they want to be strong, they have to use the right weapons, such as the Catalyst, for example.

So, based on my Esports experience, How to Get the Solar Pearl Genshin Impact Weapon, maybe you beginners don’t know how. Because actually getting this weapon is quite easy.

How to Get the Solar Pearl Weapon Genshin Impact

  1. Enter and log into Genshin Impact

    The first thing we might have to do first is log in to this Genshin Impact game, then it will be easier for us to find out every detailed part of the features and a few things right now, right?

  2. Go In Battlepass Menu

    Then if you want to continue, enter the menu from Battlepass Genshin Impact, this is right next to the Gacha request position. But you can also find it from the options menu, so you don’t get confused about which Battlepass actually is.

  3. Buy First

    So, to get the Solar Pearl Weapon, of course you have to buy it first so you can continue the process. We can say that the price of Battlepass Genshin is only 130 thousand and 250 thousand. Don’t worry, you will get a lot of benefits from here.

  4. Battlepass Level Up To 30

    The battlepass that you bought earlier, first raise it to level 30 to be able to receive this weapon prize and choose the name Solar Pearl.

  5. Will go straight into inventory

    After you have this weapon, then we can immediately use it for the character you like using the Catalyst Type like this. Certainly the power of the Solar Pearl Weapon is indeed very strong.

There are many weapons present in the Genshin Impact game, especially those present and how to get them. In fact, you should also know that DPS Yanfei Genshin Impact is actually suitable for using Solar Pearl, so if you like it, it’s better to just follow this method.

With the presence of the Solar Pearl weapon itself, we will indeed have several strong advantages when fighting enemies. Whether fighting in the Domain or traveling around, it’s not a problem if you use this weapon. These additional stats and passives will really help all of you when facing off against enemies.

Solar Pearl at Level 1 only has 42 Base Attack and 6% Critical Rate. However, if you are at Max level or 90, this weapon provides 510 Base Attack and 27.6% Critical Rate.

What are you waiting for? let’s get this weapon and use it on a strong Catalyst character right now.

After knowing how to get the Solar Pearl Genshin Impact weapon, now all you have to do is think about whether you want this weapon or not. The power is still deadly, it’s just that the player’s game needs to be better.

Then you will also know the Order of the Genshin Impact Banners from Beginning to Now, so that you can increase your knowledge about this Banner. So you know what characters have appeared in the Genshin Impact game.

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