How to Get the Free Fire Brick Warrior Bundle!

There is something interesting about the Free Fire Event this time, if you are bored with skins in general. Try to use Lego skins to look different from other players. because now Garena invites you to enter the Lego FF World. Free Fire presents skins with unusual themes. Where your character will become like a Lego by using the Brick Warrior Free Fire Bundle skin. So how do you get this Brick Warrior Bundle?

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The Brick Warrior skin which can currently turn you into a Lego can only be obtained at the event currently taking place. This event lasts for a week usually. That way, you can get this skin for a fairly long period of time. So, there’s no need to rush

How to get the Free Fire Brick Warrior Bundle?

In this event, you have to collect up to 5 bricks which you can get via the Brick Warrior event page in the game. Where in this game, you can use as many as 30 diamonds to spin. This event is a lucky event for you to get. Even so, the prizes are very satisfying for you to use.

If you are not satisfied with just one spin, you can use up to 130 of your diamonds to do 5 spins at once. After all, you also get a profit of 20 diamonds if you use this method and the more you use the five methods at once. Then you will also save a lot of diamonds for you to save for the next spin.

By using lots of free fire diamonds, you will easily get them. What’s more, your chances also increase when you issue lots of free fire diamonds. So, when you want to do this spin, make sure you have enough free fire diamonds, OK?

You don’t need to be afraid of not getting good items, because in this gacha game you can get cool items besides the Brick items needed during battle. Like, you can get Pet Panther, items, and bags while doing this gacha.

How to Spin the Brick Warrior Bundle??

When you want to get Brick Warrior Free Fire you have to spin, to do this spin you have to open your FF account. Then, you have to look for the news tab. From the news tab, you will find Brick Warrior news. You click on it and go straight to the site. After that, you can do the spin. There are many prizes waiting for you besides this skin.

maybe at first it will be difficult to get this skin. But if you keep trying. It will be easy for you to get this brick warrior skin bundle. Make sure you always spin the warrior bundle so you can get it quickly. That’s how to get Brick Warrior. Keep spinning, okay?

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