How to Get Recurve Bow Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact always provides a lot of excitement in adventure. You can also know how to get Recurve Bow Genshin Impact, one of the pretty good weapons. Even if we use it on a Support HP character, surely this Bow’s strength will support your game against enemies.

Right now, there are indeed a lot of things that we can find in Genshin Impact, so that you yourself can experience the exciting things from this adventure around Teyvat. Of course there are many other new things, so that you yourself can immediately feel the excitement of every new thing.

You might also want to know about the name Update V2.2 Genshin Impact, it turns out that there are lots of new things that are quite interesting. All of this is quite satisfying for us to play later, because what we found is indeed quite a lot and new things are waiting for all Travelers in the 2.2 update.

Then know How to Get the Genshin Impact Recurve Bow, one of the bows that is quite difficult for us to find. In fact, sometimes you yourself will have a collection that is lacking, when you see that this weapon is not in the adventure book that stores the information we have.

How to Get Recurve Bow Genshin Impact

  1. Login First

    The first thing we can do is log in to the Genshin Impact game first, so that later you can continue to get the Bow and use it when you’re playing later.

  2. Go around looking for chests in Teyvat

    Then you have to go around the Map or Teyvat later, because the Chest is one part of our way to be able to get these weapons when we want to have them. Finding various types of chests will make it easier for us to get things like this later.

  3. Opening the Shrine Of Depth

    One of the features that we often find in Genshin Impact, Shrine of Depth, when you want to open it, you have to use a key first before doing so. So from inside here we will be able to find a Chest, the chance of getting a Bow is great but that doesn’t determine whether you can get the Recorve Bow or not.

  4. Complete the Challenge

    You can also complete a Challenge if you want to get a bigger chance, while searching for the Chest and get a prize like the Recurve Bow. The opportunity for us to get this prize is indeed quite large and you might be very interested.

For this method, there is only 1 through the Chest, the Recurve Bow is one of the 3 star weapons which is quite rare. Because you do Gacha, it’s impossible for you to get this, even my Esports can say that from the melting experience, the rate is really too low.

Because of that it was really too difficult, some even went around almost 100% of all but still couldn’t find it. We can indeed find many things in this Teyvat, including a bow that can be used for Diona’s Support.

Because Diona herself is a Shield character, even guessing the Shield depends on HP. If you guys want to build Diona like that, the weapon that my Esports recommends is the Recurve Bow.

This weapon has 38 Base Attack for Level 1 and for Level 90 only 354 Base Attack. Then for the 2nd Stat you will find 10.2% HP and for the maximum level is 46.9%,

The Bow’s passive skill is that it gets HP when it successfully kills an enemy, which is of course quite helpful. Moreover, this is for Support characters, so there is still a good opportunity for us to use it.

After knowing how to get the Recurve Bow Genshin Impact, now is the time to look for the bow. So that later you can get some good opportunities, so you don’t miss out on any other cool weapons.

Then to find out the sequence of Genshin Impact Character Banners from the beginning to now, of course you will like it and don’t want to miss it. Because this character’s banner is a marker for us to play from the presence of which banner.

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