How to Get Free Tokens

The King of Fighters (KOF) MLBB 2024 Phase 1 event has come to an end. This means that the KOF Phase 2 2024 event will soon take place. Find out the release date and the number of free tickets here!

Just like Phase 1, the KOF phase 2 event will lead players through a series of exciting missions and activities designed to test their skills and strategies. When they successfully complete the missions, players will earn special skins and other attractive rewards that Moonton has prepared exclusively for this event.

So, when does the KOF Phase 2 event begin?

How Many Phases KOF 2024 Event?

The KOF (King of Fighters) event is a collaboration between Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and the legendary fighting game franchise, King of Fighters (KoF). This event offers various MLBB skins inspired by iconic characters from the world of King of Fighters, as well as other enticing prizes.

That's why the KOF event is one of the most anticipated events for MLBB players, especially those who collect MLBB KOF skins.

At least six hero skins will be released for the KOF 2024 event, including:

  • Chou (Iori Yagami)
  • Aurora (Kula Diamond)
  • Gusion (K)
  • Guinevere (Athena Asamiya)
  • Karina (Leona)
  • Dyrroth (Orochi Chris)

The KOF 2024 event runs from January 2 to January 27, 2024, on the original server and will be divided into two Premium Supply phases.

Each phase will provide 16 KOF 2024 event tickets. So, the total number of tickets provided for the KOF 2024 event is 32 tickets.

When Does KOF Phase 2 Event Start?

KOF 2024 Phase 1 has ended on January 9, 2024. Meanwhile, the KOF Phase 2 event is expected to take place from January 13 to January 16, 2024.

Just like Phase 1, Phase 2 will also offer 16 tickets that you can obtain by completing specific missions or using diamonds to draw skins.

Here are the details of the KOF Phase 2 event missions and the number of tickets you will receive:

  • Login to the Game: 1 ticket
  • Top Up 1x: 2 tickets
  • Top Up 100 Diamonds: 3 tickets
  • Top Up 250 Diamonds: 5 tickets
  • Use 100 Diamonds: 2 tickets
  • Use 250 Diamonds: 3 tickets

The tickets you successfully collected can be used to make draws. You may need to make around 30 draws to achieve BINGO and get special skins in this event.

However, it all depends on your luck. There is a chance that you won't need to make 30 or more draws just to reach BINGO and obtain skins.

That's the information about the KOF Phase 2 event that you should know. Make sure to top up your Diamonds at Lapakgaming to participate in all the missions!

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