How to Earn, Check, & Exchange Points

How to Check Indosat Smile Points – How do you check Indosat smile points? How do you exchange points? So… how do you get Indosat smile points? What can you get from exchanging Indosat smile points? Can Indosat smile points be exchanged for quota or credit? Find all the answers here. Following is the table of contents:

Indosat, as one of the best cellular network operators in Indonesia, certainly has many customers who loyally use their services.

With service prices that are quite affordable, this operator which is synonymous with yellow is almost guaranteed to always overtake the red one, aka Telkomsel.

The proof is that there are services from these two operators which are designed to be similar but not the same. I don't know what the purpose is. But in our opinion, this could be a point of comparison for 'karbitan' customers who often change cards, regarding who is better at providing comfort to users.

One such service or program is a system rewards points.

Like Telkomsel with its Telkomsel points program, Indosat also has a system rewards for loyal customers who always make transactions with Indosat.

The name of the program is Indosat smile points.

So, in this article we will discuss in more detail what Indosat smile points are? How to get the points? How to check? How to exchange?

How to Get Indosat Smile Points

In contrast to Telkomsel, where each card will automatically be registered in the points program, Indosat requires its customers to register first.

The way to register smile points is quite easy. There are at least two ways you can do this. Here's how:

  1. via SMS: type SMILE send to 7887
  2. via USSD: type *123*7887# then press call.

The rate charged for registering for this service is Rp. 25/SMS. So far the smile points program applies to all types of Indosat cards, both prepaid and postpaid.

Then, to get Indosat smile points, you only need to make a top-up transaction of at least IDR 1,000 to get 1 point. This means that if you top up IDR 5,000,- you will get 5 points, etc.

How to Check Indosat Smile Points

For those of you who have registered for the program for a long time, you can check how many smile points you have earned by typing POINTS send to 7887.

Points will continue to increase as the transactions you make with Indosat increase. So, please collect as many points as possible by carrying out transactions such as purchasing credit, quota, etc.

Then, what bonuses or prizes can you get from exchanging smile points?

How to Exchange Indosat Smile Points

There are several prizes that you can exchange for your smile points, such as SMS bonuses, telephone bonuses, extended active periods and internet quota. Each of rewards There are different ways to get it. How? It's like this…

SMS Bonus

If after checking your smile points you have 25 points, then you can exchange them for 30 free SMS.

The number of points that can be exchanged for this SMS bonus is a multiple of 25. For example, if you exchange 50 points, you will automatically get 60 free SMS; 75 points for 90 free SMS; 100 points for 120 free SMS.

So, the way to exchange smile points for SMS bonuses is quite easy. You just have to type SMS (space) NUMBER OF POINTSthen send to 7887.

It should be noted, this free SMS is valid from 00:00 to 17:00 to fellow Indosat users.

Telephone Bonus

The minimum number of points you can exchange for free calls is exactly the same as the number of points you can exchange for SMS bonuses. Namely a minimum of 25 points and multiples apply.

By exchanging 25 points, you can get 10 minutes of free calls valid to fellow Indosat providers.

How to exchange smile points for free telephone calls is quite easy. All you have to do is type the SMS with the format MINUTE (space) NUMBER OF POINTSthen send to 7887.

Extend Active Period

You can also exchange 25 Indosat smile points for the active period of your prepaid card. These 25 points can extend the active period for 7 days or one week.

The exchange method is very easy, please SMS with the format M.A (space) NUMBER OF POINTSthen send to 7887.

Free Internet Quota

You also have the right to get free internet quota by exchanging the smile points you have collected. The following is a list and SMS format for exchange:

  • Free 30 MB quota for IDR 2900/day, 150 points. SMS Format: 2K QUOTA send to 7887.
  • Free 60 MB quota for IDR 3900/day, 200 points. SMS Format: 3K QUOTA send to 7887.
  • 150 MB free quota for IDR 10,900/month, 500 points. SMS Format: MONTHLY 10K send to 7887.
  • 250 MB free quota for 10,900/week, 550 points. SMS Format: QUOTA 10K send to 7887.
  • 2GB free quota for IDR 49,000/month, 2500 points. SMS Format: QUOTA 49K send to 7887.

FAQ How to Check Indosat Smile Points

How do you register for Indosat smile points?

All you have to do is type SMILE then send it to 7887. You can also register for this program with USSD *123*7887#.

How to get smile points?

The way to do this is by making credit top-up transactions. By topping up your credit with a minimum of Rp. 1000,- you will get 1 point. Multiples apply.

How do you check Indosat smile points?

The way to do this is by typing POINTS then sending it to 7887.

What can you get by exchanging smile points?

Lots. You can exchange these points for SMS bonuses, talk bonuses, active period extensions, and of course free quota.

How do I exchange Indosat smile points?

The method is different for each rewards what you want. Please read the article: how to exchange Indosat smile points for more details.

The final word

Thereby. That's how to check, get and exchange the Indosat smile points that you have collected by making credit top-up transactions. You can exchange these points for SMS, telephone bonuses, card active period extensions, and also internet quota.

UPDATE: sadly This program has ended in 2017. Let's wait and see whether this program will be available again? Hopefully, there will be more.

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