How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone [Mudah]

In terms of the environment, the iPhone operating system already has its own way to be better protected from hacker or virus attacks. This is very different from Android which is open source.

Therefore files that can be entered on iPhone devices are somewhat difficult or rather selective. Unlike Android, which can be more flexible in moving files from online or offline.

Including when we download video files on Youtube. For those of you who are iPhone users, it will be difficult to move video files offline. Therefore downloading videos from YouTube can be a solution.

When downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone, you can play the videos as you like without WiFi and even if there is no quota, the videos will still run. To be able to download YouTube videos on iPhone or iOS, here’s how:

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How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

1. YouTube Offline Videos

In its development, YouTube has provided its application with an offline download feature. By using this feature you can watch YouTube videos to your heart’s content.

Here’s how to download videos on iPhone:

  • Open YouTube on your iPhone.
  • Then find the video that you want to download.
  • Then open the video and click the Download logo that is there.
  • Next you can decide which quality of video you will download.

In the process there are several videos on YouTube that cannot be downloaded. Most of these videos are videos of a business nature such as the latest music video from a band or artist.

But there are other solutions that can be used so you can still download these videos to your iPhone. Here’s how below.

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2. Via Telegram

This was an unexpected surprise because the Telegram messaging app can also download YouTube videos for iPhone.

Here’s how to download YouTube videos on iPhone to the gallery:

  • Run the Telegram application on your iPhone.
  • Next on the Search Bar navigation you can type AnySave.
  • Then you can press Add and send messages to that account.

Download youtube videos anysave telegram

  • In order to download the video, you can copy the YouTube link and paste it into the chat and send it.
  • And you can wait for the process and after the process is complete there will be a download logo which you will download later.

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3. Using the Application

Another way that can be used to download videos on Youtube is to use the Documents by Readdle application.

How to download permanent YouTube videos:

  • First you can download and install the Documents by Readdle application.
  • Next run the application.
  • Then you can open the browser in the Documents by Readdle application.
  • Next, you can open the application site .

Download youtube videos on iphone using app

  • Copy the YouTube link that you will download and paste it on the application site above.
  • Next the application site will process and select the video size that you will download.
  • Wait until the download process is complete and make sure the connection you are using is smooth. So that the download can be stable and the video quality will be good.
  • After completing the download, you can enjoy the video in the folder in File Management on the iPhone.

Thus some information for downloading videos on YouTube for iPhone. It should be noted that the videos that you download only have the right to enjoy, not to be re-uploaded.

Because every video on Youtube may be copyrighted. Therefore, be wise in utilizing a work.

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