How to Download Scribd for Free Without Needing an Account

The internet provides any information for everyone. Starting from cooking recipes, prices for the latest cellphones, tricks for approaching girls to various documents and study materials. School children and students are certainly familiar with Scribd. Scribd is a site that provides document sharing services in the form of iPaper.

Users can download various files on Scribd via Android cellphone, computer or laptop which can be used as a reference source. Of course, the way to get it cannot be done directly. Users must have a Scribd account. Registration on Scribd requires an email address or Facebook account.

After an account is created, Scribd will offer a subscription package so you can download all existing files. As a solution, if you don’t want to pay subscription fees, users have to start uploading files. Files can be uploaded by clicking the Start Uploading button. If you don’t have files to upload yet but want to use the files in them, users can take advantage of third-party sites that specifically provide document file download services from Scribd.

Scribd has more than 50 million users from all over the world with more than 50 thousand document files being uploaded every day. Users can search for all types of document files, for example presentation documents, papers, theses, and various other types of documents. Scribd facilitates almost all kinds of printed content ranging from creative writing, recipes, academic papers, books, source documents, presentations, magazines, resumes, newspapers, comics, letters, catalogs, and sheet music.

Scribd is also supported by various file formats, namely Portable Document Format (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), PostScript (.ps), Open Office, and a number of other popular file formats. It not only facilitates users sharing documents but also take a direct part in preserving nature by reducing paper use around the world.

Not many people know the mechanism for how to download files on Scribd. Not many users know how to download without a Scribd account and without a free login from an Android cellphone or computer. On Scribd, users can find many useful documents to support school assignments, lectures, and even work in the office. There are some How to download Scribd for free which can be done from both cellphones and computers, all of which are provided by third parties. Here are some options.

how to download scribd for free

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The first third party service that can be used is the DLSCRIB website. This website is not only easy to use because without logging in, the download process is also fast. what is also important, all downloaded files are ensured not contain harmful viruses.

Start the steps by opening a web browser on your laptop. After that, open the Scribd site and select the document file you want to download. Copy the URL link from that file. Next, from a new tab, go to the website. Paste the URL link that was copied earlier into the Document Url column.

Check the agreement statement: “By using this tool, you are agreeing to the disclaimer and you agree not to hold us for any liability”. Next, click the Generate Download Link button. The Captcha box will automatically appear. Put a tick in I’m not a robot, then click on the Download PDF button. Let the PDF size information appear. If so, the user just clicks which will immediately start the download process.

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How to download Scribd for free what can also be used is the service from the DocDownloader website. Except for downloading files from the Scribd server, this site can also be used to download files on other document sharing websites, such as Slideshare, Academia, and ISSUU.

Like the first method, users must first find the files they need on the Scribd site. Once found, copy the URL link from that file. After that, open the website Select the Scribd Downloader option then paste the URL link copied from the Scribd site in the column provided.

Next, click the Get Link button. The Download button will automatically appear. Put a check mark on Im not a new robot then click the Download PDF button. The file will be prepared and then a Download PDF button will be displayed complete with the file size. Click the button to start the download process.


Another third party service that also offers downloads of Scribd documents without logging in is the AutoGenerateLink website. AutoGenerateLink is a fairly complete website generator. Because besides providing document file download services from several sites, AutoGenerateLink can also be used to download files from SoundCloud, YouTube, ZippyShare, and other sharing sites.

To get started, the user must first copy the URL link of the desired Scribd file. Go to the website. Then paste the URL link that was copied previously into the column provided. Next, click the Generate button to process. When the generate process is complete, a Download button will appear. Click the button to start the file download process.

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