How to Download IGTV Videos, Photos, and Stories, Instagram Reels Without an Application 2021

Instagram is a very popular social media and has quite a lot of users, especially in Indonesia. Instagram is liked by many users, of course because the features it contains are increasingly diverse.

This photo and video sharing platform fully displays visuals so that it is quite attractive in the eyes of its users because there are various effect filters that can be applied to the photos or videos that you want to share.

One of the relatively new features on IG (the abbreviation that users usually call it) is the IGTV feature which is specifically for uploading long videos up to a maximum of 60 minutes or 1 hour.

Even though it has its own application and is separate from the main application, videos uploaded via the IGTV application can still be displayed and watched on the user's Instagram application.

Talking about Instagram this time, will share tips and tricks on how to save or download posts on Instagram.

Easy Ways to Download IGTV Videos, Photos and Instagram Stories Without an Application

To be able to download or save videos, photos or IG stories without an application, you need to use the following Instagram downloader site.

The method is very easy, you just copy the URL of the photo post, IGTV or IG story of the account whose post you want to download and then save it to your cellphone or PC.

Just follow the steps:

1. How to download Instagram IGTV videos without an application

  • Copy the URL of the post on Instagram, whether it's a video, photo, IGTV or story that is your target
  • Open a browser on your cellphone or PC such as Google Chrome or UC Browser then open the website address
  • Paste the IG post link that you copied earlier then click downloadit usually takes a little time for the video post to appear, after which a click appears Download .mp4

Done, now you have successfully downloaded and saved the Instagram IGTV video.

2. How to Download Instagram Videos & Photos with Slides

How to download videos or photos with slides, for example the 2nd slide and so on, is the same as the method above, just copy the IG URL then just paste it then download the part of the video slide that you want to save like the screenshot below.

3. How to Download Instagram Stories Without an Application

Especially for downloading instant IG stories, it is a little different from the method above, if we copy the URL of each post above, to save the post in the form of a story, you only need to paste the Instagram account username on the site.

Then automatically all the stories will appear and you can download them without needing to install additional applications. It's easy, right?

4. How to Download or Save the Latest IG Reels

After the release of Instagram's new feature called Reels, now you can post short videos just like TikTok. To download video reels, users are the same as the previous method, namely by just copying the link.

That's brief information about Instagram tips and tricks that can share this time, don't forget to share it on your social media so that those who don't know yet will know too. Hope it is useful

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