How to Create TikTok Captions Automatically and Manually

Some time later, talk began to spread that now consumers can activate the automatic caption feature in the TikTok application.

For those of you who don't understand it, the Caption feature has the function of helping consumers who are deaf and disabled so they can interpret the content in films on TikTok.

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With the Caption feature, it allows the chatter or conversations of people in the film to be translated in the form of reading such as subtitles, making it easier for disabled consumers to enjoy films that appear on TikTok.

Method for Generating Captions Automatically

  1. Open the TikTok application and log in to your account
  2. Select the Profile menu with the person icon at the bottom right
  3. Select the Options menu with the 3 lines icon at the top right
  4. In the pop-up menu that appears, select Settings and privacy
  5. Select the Accessibility menu in the Content & Activity section
  6. Press the Always show auto-generated captions toggle until it turns green
  7. It's safe, the Caption feature will automatically activate

By activating the automatic caption feature, the conversations contained in the film will be automatically read. Even though TikTok's intelligence can convert sound into text well, errors can often occur when captions appear.

Not only that, the new automatic caption feature supports English and Japanese audio only. In this way, captions will not appear if you have a dialogue in Indonesian, German, South Korean or other languages.

Fortunately, you can create captions using the instruction manual so that reading appears in the film, which makes it easier for other users to enjoy the conversation.

Method for making captions manually

  1. Press Create with the + icon in the middle of the bottom of the TikTOk application
  2. Click the Record button with the red round icon to record the movie directly
  3. Or you can also take films from your cellphone gallery
  4. Once finished, press the Add Text button with the Aa icon at the bottom
  5. Next, add reading to each part of the film where you want captions
  6. Observe the Preview of the film to confirm that the Captions actually appear
  7. If it matches your dream, then press the Next button in the bottom right corner to upload the film
  8. Enter status, hashtags, mentions, position, and others
  9. Press the Post button to publish

It can be said that making captions using a manual can actually be a substitute for showing subtitles or reading carefully with the words or conversations that appear in the film. However, this method is quite tiring if there are a lot of chats and the video is long.

Meanwhile, if you generate captions automatically, it can be said to be efficient. Unfortunately it is still limited to 2 languages ​​and often the translation is not accurate. So you can consider your options first before using manual or automatic captions.


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