How to Create a BCA ATM for Students (Easy) Online & Offline | How to make a BCA ATM for students is very easy. There are two methods for creating a BCA ATM, namely on line And offline. This convenience certainly provides opportunities for all potential customers, especially students, to carry out financial transactions. Therefore, immediately check the following explanation:

BCA Products for Students

BCA is a financial institution that provides many products to potential customers. Especially for students, there are two services available, namely Student Savings (SimPel) and Panggangan Xpresi. So, what's the difference?

Student Savings is a special savings product for students as an educational tool to prepare for the future and introduce banking from an early age. Later, customers will get a SimPel card and BCA ATM PIN which is guaranteed to be safe. To open this account, the initial deposit is only IDR 5,000 and then a minimum of IDR 1,000.

Meanwhile, Panggangan Xpresi is a BCA Stage product development specifically for young people. With this savings product, customers will receive facilities in the form of an Xpresi Passport. This card is useful for making cash transactions at thousands of BCA ATMs spread across Indonesia.

The types of customers for the two BCA savings products are divided into three age categories, namely less than 12 years, 12-17 years, and more than 17 years. The first two categories require parental identification when opening an account. If you are over 17 years old, use your own identity, but include a parent's statement.

How to Make a BCA ATM for Students

How to Make a BCA ATM for Students

It turns out that the way to create a BCA ATM for students is quite practical, because you can open an account directly on line. But you can also do it online offline via the nearest BCA branch office. To be clearer, check the guide below.

Method 1. Creating BCA ATMs for Students On line

Opening a BCA account for students can be done via the myBCA application. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the application. Prepare a cellphone number that is not yet registered with BCA. Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a BCA ID

  • Open the myBCA application.
  • Press the button For BCA ID Now.
  • Fill in your personal data and password for registration.

Step 2: Verify Mobile Number

The next step is to carry out verification. Just press the button Send and check incoming SMS. Make sure you have enough credit, because this is a paid SMS.

Step 3: Create an Account and Select Savings Products

  • On the question Do you already have a BCA account? Just choose Not yet.
  • Next, you have to determine a savings product for students, namely Stages of Xpression.
  • After that, press the button Carry on and select the Xpresi Passport Card that you want. There are Xpresi GPN and Mastercard cards.

Step 4: Complete Documents

  • Take a photo of your electronic ID card. As explained above, if you are under 17 years old, use your parents' identity.
  • Then do it selfies according to system instructions.
  • Upload a photo of the signature on white paper that matches the KTP.
  • NPWP is optional.
  • Next, complete your personal information.

Step 5: Fill in your personal data

  • Next, there are several personal data columns that you must complete. Starting from the purpose of creating an account, mother's name, and religion.
  • Check column The account is opened for your own benefit.
  • Press the button Carry on.

Step 6: Fill in your Domicile Address

  • You can select the Yes option if the address matches the parent's ID card domicile.
  • If not, then complete your current residential address.

Step 7: Select BCA Location

Next, determine the nearest BCA branch office, where your account will be registered. Later, you can take an ATM card anywhere, as long as it's still in that area. Just enter the name of the city and sub-district.

Step 8: Do Videos Call with CS

  • Usually CS will contact you via WhatsApp. This stage usually takes only five minutes. Make sure the internet connection is stable.
  • After this process, your account will be active. You just have to come to the nearest BCA to get an ATM card or Xpresi passport of your choice.

Method 2. Creating a BCA ATM for Students Offline

How to make a second BCA ATM for students offline. For this method, you can open a Student Savings or Panggangan Xpresi account. The guide is as follows:

  • Come to the nearest BCA branch office bringing complete requirements.
  • Take the queue number.
  • If you have been called, tell CS that you want to open a SimPel or Panggangan Xpresi savings account.
  • Complete the form according to CS guidelines.
  • Make an initial deposit.
  • Then wait for CS to process your application.
  • Next, you will get facilities, such as an ATM card to make transactions.

So, that's how to make a BCA ATM for students. You can choose savings products according to your wishes. Opening an account can use the method on line And offline.

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