How to Check the LATEST IM3 Indosat Number September 2023

How to Check Your Own Im3 Indosat Number – Everyone’s cell phone number must always be remembered.

Because sometimes someone needs that cellphone number for purposes that require that cellphone number.

Of the many who use and have a telephone number, not all of them can easily memorize the cellphone number they have.

Many people forget their cellphone number, so there are many ways to remember their own cellphone number, including by: recording the telephone number on the cellphone contact number, by recording the number in a diary, or by saving the first card purchased in a place that is easy to find. remember.

How to Check Your Own Indosat Im3 Number Easily

So in this article what will be discussed is about how to check your own Indosat IM3 number who sometimes forget how many IM3 Indosat numbers are in use.

Actually, all providers, including IM3, Mentari, 3, Simpati, XL, have a way to check personal numbers directly on the cellphone without having to go to the provider list in each city.

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So, each telephone network provider or service has its own way of checking numbers in different ways.

To check your own IM3 number, it is very easy. By typing in the service number provided by Indosat Ooredoo, you can find out directly via your cellphone your own Indosat Ooredoo IM3 number.

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So you don’t have to worry about always remembering your own personal Indosat IM3 number. How about an easy way to check the IM3 number on your cellphone? Here’s how:

  1. How to Check Indosat Numbers by Dial Up

    • Select call / Call.
    • Press *123*30# on your phone then press YES/OK/CALL.
    • Then wait a few moments and then information will appear stating your IM3 number, your remaining Indosat Credit and also the expiration date of your Indosat number.
  2. How to Check Indosat Im3 Number Via the myIm3 Application

      • Please download the free myIm3 application on the Google Play Store for Android phones HERE.
      • Free download the MyIm3 application on the Apple App Store for iPhone cellphones HERE.
      • Install The application on your cellphone.
      • Open the myIm3 App and register using your Indosat No.
      • Once registered please login to the application.
      • After a successful login, your Indosat IM3 number will be listed at the top left.

    The disadvantage of this method of checking IM3 numbers is that you have to be registered first with your IM3 number, then you can use this method to check your IM3 number.

    Here’s a video where you can check what are the interesting features of this official Indosat application. You can also check Indosat quotas, apart from that there are lots of vouchers, promos and sometimes even free Indosat quotas.

  3. Check Indosat Number via Indosat Call Center

    • Select call / Call.
    • Type in the Indosat contact center telephone number 111 for matrix postpaid Indosat customers then press YES/OK/CALL.
    • Type in the Indosat contact center telephone number 100 or 185 for Indosat IM3 and Mentari customers then press YES/OK/CALL.
    • Landline Please contact +6221-5438-8888 and +6221-3000-3000.

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It’s easy enough, isn’t it to find out and check your Indosat IM3 number if you forget to save your personal number.

That way you can know right away. So many articles about how to check IM3 number yourself on your mobile on the site latest mobile price .

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