How to Check Telkomsel NUMBER (Simpati, AS & Halo) Yourself

Check Telkomsel Number, Telkomsel is one of the operators in Indonesia which was established on September 26, 1995. Telkomsel itself stands for “Telecommunication Cellular”, which is a GSM-based telecommunication. PT Telkomsel is a cellular operator that has the most extensive network throughout Indonesia. to serve communication needs from urban areas, sub-districts, to remote rural areas.

Telkomsel became the largest mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia with 139.3 million subscribers in 2014 and in 2007 Telkomsel’s network covered 288 networks. roaming (Read: Meaning of Roaming) internationally in 155 countries. Telkomsel has become the seventh cellular operator in the world with more than 100 million subscribers in one country in 2011.

Telkomsel officially launched the first commercial 4G LTE mobile service in Indonesia. Telkomsel 4G LTE service has a data access speed of up to 36 Mbps which is able to provide super fast access speeds for its customers.

How to Check Telkomsel Numbers

Currently Telkomsel deploys more than 100,000 BTS which cover around 98% of the population area in Indonesia. As the 6th largest cellular operator in the world in terms of number of subscribers, Telkomsel is the market leader in the telecommunications industry in Indonesia which is now trusted to serve more than 143 million subscribers in 2023-2023.

In an effort to guide the development of the cellular telecommunications industry in Indonesia to enter a new era of mobile broadband services, Telkomsel consistently implements the 3G, HSDPA, HSPA+ technology roadmap, as well as Long Term Evolution (LTE) network development. Now Telkomsel is developing a broadband network in 100 major cities in Indonesia. To help service customer needs, Telkomsel is now supported by 24-hour call center access and 430 service centers spread throughout Indonesia.

Telkomsel has postpaid products, namely simpati, Kartu HALO and Kartu AS.

  1. SimpATI, is a prepaid sim card from Telkomsel which has the advantages of security (free from tapping and copying), accessibility, affordable prices, excellent quality and wide GSM coverage.
  2. The HALO card is a postpaid GSM card from Telkomsel which has the advantage of being able to accommodate 200 cellphone numbers as well as names and 40 short messages that customers do not want to delete.
  3. AS Card, is a postpaid GSM card that is suitable for everyone. Kartu AS provides many bonuses and also low rates for the packages offered to its users, especially rates for calls and SMS which are very cheap compared to other Telkomsel products.

Often users of Telkomsel products forget the cell number you are using. Even if you forget your Telkomsel number, we will experience serious problems, such as you cannot top up and use the number, even if your Telkomsel number is blocked if you forget your cellphone number.

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You can read the following reviews regarding how to check Simpati, AS, and Halo numbers themselves both online and offline. Here’s info for those of you who forgot your own Telkomsel number with a Telkomsel card (Sympathy, HALO and As cards), you can use the method below to find out your own Telkomsel number.

Check Telkomsel Numbers (Sympathy, Halo and AS)

  1. The way to check a Telkomsel number is very easy, you only need to type *808# then press the OK/Call/Yes button on your cellphone and wait a few moments for an answer to appear.
  2. Meanwhile, if you want to find out your number online, you can download and install the Mytelkomsel application on your smartphone. You can see the various uses of this application at the address

Re-register your cellphone number immediately before it is blocked. Read: How to check whether a prepaid card has been successfully registered or not

So little about how to check telkomsel number yourself Hopefully this can be useful for readers. If there are errors in writing or word choice, please criticize and suggest. Thank you 🙂

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