How to Cheat Stumble Guys Latest 2024

To get an easy win in the Stumble Guys game, one way is to use mods or cheat the game. Curious about how? Check out the tutorial below.

About Stumble Guys Game

Stumble Guys is a game multiplayer online with knockout party genre which can be played by up to 32 people simultaneously whose aim is to fight through increasing levels, until only one player remains! the goal of the game is to eliminate every player until someone wins the game alone.

Stumble Guys is similar to the Korean film story called Squid Game! If you don't know, please watch the film series first called Squid Game. With a large number of players and a specified time and whoever reaches the mission first will be the winner, but it's not as easy as most because you will be competing with world players!

So, again, the solution is to cheat the game, hehehe… Then how do you cheat the game stumble Guys? Just look at the steps below.

Stumble Guys Auto Win Cheat (Trophy & Crown)

This tutorial is specifically for Android device users, so for iOS or iPhone users skip first yeah.

1. Download & install Stumble Guys Mod auto win.

2. After downloading the mod APK, you have to delete or uninstall the Play Store version of the Stumble Guys APK first so that the mod APK can be installed. If you want to replace without uninstalling and can link your Google account, you have to use the Lucky Patcher application. The tutorial is explained below.

3. Play the game as usual, during the first round, if you lose, please tap the leave button, then you will still get the trophy and crown like the 1st winner. If you lose in the first round, you will get a “server connection timeout/error” error and fail to get the trophy. and crown, please play again and try to win until round 2, then lose and leave.

4. Congratulations on getting the trophy and crown without having to bother getting 1st place.

How to log in to your Google Account using Stumble Guys

1. This step can be followed by both root and non-root Android users (not yet rooted), if you are already rooted it will be easier because you don't need a virtual application. Please download additional application tools first.

Stumble Guys tools

2. Please install all the applications above. then open the virtual then install the original Stumble Guys first into the virtual, then Lucky Patcher, MT Manager, Google Play Games by downloading the application above via the browser on the virtual Vphone Gaga or clone it with the default virtual file transfer application.

3. Next, open the Stumble Guys game and log in to your Google account or link your account to Google.

3. Return to the VphoneGaga menu then activate root mode on the VphoneGaga by going to the Sys settings gear icon on the VphoneGaga, then select the root menu and Magisk settings. Next it will ask for a restart, please restart the virtual.

4. Open Lucky Patcher and allow superuser then go to the toolbox menu, then select Patch to Android. Then check the three signature verification menu options, disable .apk signature and disable signature package manager.

Additional info: If bypass signature doesn't work in Lucky Patcher and Lucky Patcher doesn't get root access, please install Magisk and Lsposed then allow Lucky Patcher root access on Magisk and activate the Lucky Patcher module in Magisk.

5. Next, open the MT manager application, go to the settings menu (gear icon), preferences, scroll down to the “APK installation verification” menu, please deactivate it.

6. The next step is to replace the original Play Store stumble guys who have logged in to your Google account, with the mod version of the Stumble Guys APK, via the MT Manager application. Please install the Stumble Guys Mod APK via MT Manager. Finished.

7. If you have repaired it using the Stumble Mod APK but it still doesn't connect to your Google account, please go to the Android VphoneGaga settings, then go to the installed application manager and clear data on Google Play Games and Google Play services, then log in again using Stumble Guys original Play Store version and replaced with Stumble Guys mod version.

For those who are still confused and don't understand the method above, please watch the following video tutorial

Free Stumble Guys Skin

1. Download the free skin version of the Stumble Guys game, in this article 2 selected application apks are provided, namely Stumble Guys Mod menu and the non-mod menu version of Stumble Guys.

For the Stumble Guys Mod version, the menu functions to unlock all features such as skins, animations, emotes and rootsteps which can be seen by other players.

Meanwhile, Stumble Guys is not a mod menu, which means that when playing we meet bots or easy opponents so that the winning rate is very easy.

Notes: For your cellphone that has never installed or installed applications from the Play Store, you must give permission to install applications from outside the PlayStore. Usually when you tap install there will be a notification and you will be guided on how to open and allow the installation of applications from outside the Play Store.

Get Stumble Guys

2. After downloading the mod, you have to delete or uninstall the Play Store version of Stumble Guys first so that the mod can be installed.

3. Once installed, run the game, to be able to log in using your Facebook account you have to uninstall or delete or deactivate the FB application on your cellphone first so that when you log in you can use the browser without the FB application. Finished.

Top Global Tropy & Crown Stumble Guys Cheats

To get trophies and crowns, one instant way is to use a bot program. Here are the steps.

1. Install the required applications such as Termux and Http Canary and follow the installation instructions in the application.

2. Install the old version of Stumble Guys 0.37, so please uninstall the latest version of Stumble Guys on your cellphone first.

3 Open Termux and type the following commands in the Termux application:

apt update && apt upgrade

Then enter and continue by typing the following command to install PHP in Termux.

pkg install php

Then download the Termux bot script, because this tutorial has been updated, you don't download the script on GitHub anymore, but you download it from the link provided via the browser.

If you have downloaded the script, it will usually be in the download folder. Then go to the download folder with the following command:

cd /storage/emulated/0/Download/

Then in the download folder there will be a script file named stumbleinwepo.php then type the following command to run the PHP script in Termux

php stumbleinwepo.php

Information: If successful, there will be a prompt to enter the number 1, 2. or 3 for 1 if you win 1st place in the last round to get a trophy and crown. Then you are required to enter the authorization code obtained from the http canary application when the match is finished. So first close the Termux application. Don't choose before you know the result of the match, whether you win or lose.

If there is an error message that cannot run the PHP program, please type the following command:

apt update && apt upgrade
pkg install libicu
pkg install libgnutls

4. Next, open the http canary application, run it by tapping the play airplane icon in the bottom right corner. then Minimize and don't close it.

5. Next, open the Stumble Guys game. then play until you win or lose.

Tips: You can use the Auto Win Mod APK to get the authorization code for 1st place. To make it easier to win using the original APK, you can change the server to India/US and play with 2 accounts, 1 of which uses a new account then creates a party and joins the party.

6. If you have finished playing, whether you win 1st place or lose, don't click/tap the CLAIM button.

7. Then open http canary tap the words 200 OK – GET, then select the Request tab in the menu you will see authorization code information, please copy the code and don't close the http application the canary.

8. Next, open Termux again and if you have run the php stumbleinwepo.php command in termux, then please type the number 1 or 2 or 3, according to the information explained above. Then enter authorization and the number of bots.

Then the bot program will run and you will get the trophy and crown automatically without having to play it manually. Please close termux and canary if you feel you are satisfied with getting the number of trophies and crowns you want to get top global. For more details, please watch the video tutorial.

Reopen the Stumble Guys game and the results will be seen as in the following image.


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