How to Change Indihome Wifi Password Easily

How to Change Indihome Wifi, Currently, of course many people have subscribed to IndiHome. IndiHome, formerly known as Speedy, is a Telkom Indonesia product that provides high-speed cable internet and subscription TV services. The rates offered by IndiHome are quite affordable plus the package options are attractive. Customers only need to use IndiHome’s default modem such as: Huawei, ZTE, and TP Link to access its services.

IndiHome uses a fiber optic cable-based network connected to customers’ homes. The fee for installing the new IndiHome unlimited wifi internet package is Rp. 75,000 which you have to pay in the first month of use and there are three options for STB rental fees, namely STB Hybrid HD and ONT Rp. 80,000 per month, STB Non Hybrid and ONT Rp. 70,000 per month and another 4K Hybrid STB and IDR 100,000 ONT per month.

Then there is no charge for installing the IndiHome device for customers. Customers will also get the latest Telkom service information and IndiHome numbers will also be listed in the Telkom Telephone Directory. If customers want extra services, for example UseeTV, they will be charged other fees apart from the fees above. How to subscribe to IndiHome, there are several channels you can choose from, namely:

How to Subscribe to Unlimited Internet Wifi Indihome

IndiHome website

The easiest way to subscribe to IndiHome is on the official IndiHome website at Users can access various information about IndiHome services. How to register for an IndiHome subscription is simply by calling the contact number listed. Before registering, first choose which package suits your needs at home. On this website, users can also get the latest interesting promotional information. If you have subscribed, the user is required to change the Indihome wifi password periodically to prevent other people from breaking into the WiFi.

Telkom Plaza

Consumers can also apply for an IndiHome subscription at the nearest Telkom Plaza. Consumers must bring complete requirements and documents requested such as KTP or KK. If the registration is approved, the officer will install the IndiHome router device and IndiHome WiFi settings. The connection to the customer’s house is taken from the nearest Telkom fiber optic cable network.

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Call Center 147

If for some reason consumers cannot visit the nearest Plasa Telkom or cannot access the official IndiHome website, it is advisable to apply for a subscription by calling the IndiHome call center number at 147. Apart from saving time, calling call center 147 can also help consumers find out a lot of the latest information from services. IndiHome.

You can also consult this number if you want to change the Indihome wifi password at your home, they will provide instructions or schedule a technician visit to help you.

IndiHome Avengers

Avenger is the nickname for the sales team or IndiHome internet product sales spread across various strategic locations. The IndiHome Avenger Team will make it easier for consumers to apply for an IndiHome subscription quickly. Consumers can find the IndiHome Avenger team at shopping center points, Telkom events, and even door-to-door or offer them to prospective customers’ homes.

Easy Way to Change Indihome Wifi Password

As mentioned above, changing the wifi password is an effective way to strengthen WiFi security from people who want free internet by cheating, namely by breaking other people’s indihome wifi. It’s just that not many customers know how to log in to IndiHome to change the password. If customers know how to change the Indihome WiFi password, they don’t need help from staff because they can do it themselves. The procedure for changing the IndiHome password depends on the modem the customer uses.

For example, a customer uses a ZTE F609 Modem. The first time an Indihome customer uses a ZTE modem, they will usually be asked to fill in the WiFi name and password fields. Customers can find out the WiFi name and see the IndiHome WiFi password behind the modem device. The information listed there is: production date, series, MACaddress, model, product, and SSID1 name and password.

The problem that customers often experience is forgetting the latest IndiHome WiFi password. If that happens, the customer must reset the modem. The way to do this is by pressing the reset button on the back. Automatically the modem password will return to the default password.

Changing the IndiHome password can be done via cellphone. Customers must first connect the cellphone they are using to the IndiHome WiFi network using the password they have. Then open the browser on your cellphone and type in the address bar then Enter.

After entering the official ZTE modem website, customers can type in the default username and password which are usually:

  • Usernames: username with passwords: admin
  • or Usernames: user with passwords: user

After successfully logging in, click on the network menu, then WLAN, then SSID settings. Type the new WiFi name in the SSID Name column then press the Submit button. Next, click the Security button on the left, then in the WPA passphrase column, type the desired new WiFi password and click the Submit button. Now, using this method, you can successfully change the IndiHome Wifi password and also the WiFi name.

After changing the Indihome wifi password, customers also need to limit the WiFi speed with the aim of preventing other users from using excessive access. This speed limit can be applied to specific IP addresses, it can also be on IP ranges or even all IP addresses. In addition, the IP address for each modem is not the same, although generally it uses , , or Even so with the Username and password to login.

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