How to Broadcast on WA Business to All Contacts on iPhone / Android

.com – This time I will share How to broadcast on WA business to all contacts on your phone whether you use iPhone, Android or others. For more details, please read the guide in this article.

WhatsApp itself has embedded a broadcast feature like the BBM chat application, but sometimes many people don't use it. even though this feature is very important for promotional purposes for a product.

If any of you don't understand the WA broadcast feature, let me explain. WhatsApp broadcast feature is a feature where you can send messages at once to many contact numbers on WhatsApp that you choose, regardless of whether the message you send is sent or not.

Because this message is sent en masse. and is generally used for business purposes or promotion of certain products. That's why this feature is very important for those of you who have a business to increase sales of your products.

How to broadcast on WA business to all iPhone or Android contacts

How to broadcast on business WA both on iPhone and Android is very easy and very easy. To make it clearer and easier to understand, below I will write a guide complete with pictures so that you can easily understand it. OK, see the following tutorial:

1. The first step you must take is to open the WhatsApp business application installed on your cellphone. This feature is also available in the regular WhatsApp application and there is no difference.

2. If the WhatsApp application is open, please look in the top right corner, then press menu point three who appeared. Next, several menus will appear, please click new broadcast / new broadcast . For more details, see the image below.

3. Later you will be taken to a page new broadcast , now on this page you can choose the contact you want to send a message to for each selected WA contact. Because you really want to send a message to all contacts, please just tap the list of names displayed, if so, just click the green check mark at the bottom of the application.

If all telephone contacts have gone into broadcast, now is the time for you to create a message or image according to your wishes. Because it tends to be used for sales, you have to accompany the message interesting picture.

Remember, don't spam, because everyone will not want to read and pay attention if you send messages repeatedly, of course, instead of being interested in the product being sold, your number will be blocked by the recipient of your message/consumer.

How easy is it to broadcast on WA business / how to send WA messages to lots of numbers? You don't need an additional application to do it.

How to broadcast on WA without saving the number

I have written above how to broadcast on WA, iPhone or Android with contacts already saved on your phone. Meanwhile, how to broadcast on WA without saving the number, see the following tutorial:

How to broadcast on WA business
  • Please open the browser on your phone and enter the following address
  • So the explanation is as follows: please replace the X with the number you want to send. You must use the country code, for example Indonesia is 62, not 0062 as the prefix.
  • For example:, then click enter / search. Later you will be taken to a page display like the image below.
  • Next, click the green button that displays ” chat with / continue chat
  • Later you will be taken to the chat page as usual, you just have to send the message / picture you want
  • Finished

Now you know how to send WhatsApp messages to multiple numbers, whether on an iPhone, Android or cellphone with another operating system. Of course you have to be observant in reading the situation.

Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer, how would it feel if you received continuous WA messages which would annoy you, especially since the WA messages sent are bad and unattractive which will result in your WA number being blocked forever.

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So, friends, that's all the guidance on how to broadcast on business WA to all contacts on the phone, both saved and unsaved numbers, complete with pictures so that they are easy to understand and comprehend.

Maybe that's all for this guide, hopefully it's useful and see you in the next post. Thank You

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