How Does Adaptive Force Work In League Of Legends?

Septemberbe most of you already know that there is an adaptive force on system reforged runes. However, have you ever been curious about Adaptive force in League Of Legends ? and how does Adaptive Force work?

For players who already know, it might be very useful in the game. Adaptive force in League Of Legends have additions to your stats based on what you build.


Adaptive force in League Of Legends introduced in the last year has the advantage of adding attack damage or ability power. The addition of these stats is based on a comparison of the two highest stats between the two.

So how does Adaptive Force work, if when playing a champion you have statistics attack damage higher. Adaptive force will add stats to attack damage not to ability power. Vice versa, if your item suddenly changes to a higher build item ability power. Aadaptive force will change to add stats to ability power

How Adaptive Forces Work

As the name suggests “adaptive” which means it will adapt to the build item you make. Whether it’s AD or AP that you made or suddenly changed in the middle of the game.

Adaptive force, will really adapt to the build item you make. So, the Champion you play with will get the appropriate stats added while playing.

This addition does not apply to basic stats from champions, only applies when you buy items. For example, the basic stats of the champion you are using is AD. However, this will not deliver adaptive force until you buy a build item that refers to AD then adaptive force will work.

What’s interesting about adaptive force and what you should know is about how to add the stats yourself. Each adaptive force point will add 0.6 stats from attack damage and 1 ability power. If there are 10 adaptive force points, it will add 6 from AD and 10 from AP. The addition of these stats is only one, not both.

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