Honkai Star Rail Express Supply Pass Benefits, Flood of Stellar Jade!

Honkai Star Rail has had lots of good updates that are really cool for all of you to know about. Together with the benefits of the Honkai Star Rail Express Supply Pass, you will immediately be interested in using it. Because the Express Supply Pass itself will give players many things when they play later.

Moreover, for several game features that are available in Honkai Star Rail, players can take advantage of all of them very easily. Because some of these features can make you profitable, and it doesn’t seem like it will be that difficult to play the game.

Then looking at the Honkai Star Rail Rate Off and On System, players can immediately find out about things like this in detail. Helps explain when doing a Gacha, this will indeed seem to explain how to get a Limited Character or Light Cone.

Then for the presence of a Honkai Star Rail Express Supply Pass benefit, you can immediately find out about all this. Can explain many things to the players, those of us who know about it will feel interested in being able to have these things.

Benefits of the Honkai Star Rail Express Supply Pass

The Express Supply Pass will give you 300 Oneiric Shards (Every Purchase) and 90 Stellar Jade Every Day for 1 Month. That already includes the benefits that players will receive, just using IDR 79,000 can get around 2790 Stellar Jade or around IDR 250,000 more.

It is clear that Trailblazer itself will be interested in buying it, because of the excellent benefits of the Express Supply Pass feature. So players who already know this don’t need to hesitate anymore in buying it and we can try it in the game.

After knowing the benefits of Express Supply Honkai Star Rail, you will immediately understand all this right now. Explain to the players how to get a lot of things from here, so that you can also find out about things like this so you can make bigger profits.

Then there is also a Honkai Star Rail Pass Top Up Express Supply Method, it turns out that it is very easy for us to use right away. Immediately we have an Express Supply Pass and can receive the main prize which we can use later.

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