Here are 7 Heroes & Counter Items for Lylia in Mobile Legends, Guaranteed to Win

Lylia is one of them hero with role mage in
Mobile Legends game. Specializes in giving
burst damage making Lylia as hero mage which is effective for dealing with para tanker.

Not only provided burst damage the big one, Lylia also had an effect
slow which is very troublesome for his enemies. This is also supported by her very broad skill area, making Lylia really benefit when she joins team fight.

In META now the majority is dominated by tank jungler,
Lylia has been confirmed to be mid laner which is quite contested, both in fashion ranked or tournament.

Early game power from Lylia who is quite strong is also the main factor why hero This is up for grabs, because by taking advantage of Lylia's annoying power from the start of the match, your team can do it
pressing more easily.

Well, to overcome power from Lylia which is quite troublesome, in this post I will explain the heroes and items that you can use as counters for Lylia. Are you curious about how it's discussed? Just look at the following description:


1. Ling

Lylia is a hero who is not equipped with much skills
escapeso that assassin heroes who is agile like
this can solve it very easily.

The most important thing is fishing first skills ultimate “Black Shoes” from Lylia. Well, if ultimate skills
If it had been used, nothing could save Lylia from Ling's fast attack.

Not only agile, Ling is also equipped with effects airborne on
skills ultimateTempest of Blades” which he can use to stop Lylia's movements, so she can't use it Black Shoes.

By utilizing effects airborne that, Ling can provide
damage more freely without having to worry about getting hit
damage from the enemy.

2. Pharsa

Pharsa has ultimate skill range which he could use to overcome Lylia very easily. With
ultimate of these, Pharsa can provide burst damage to Lylia to prevent her from joining in a team fight.

However, you need to know that ultimate Pharsa can be canceled when affected by crowd control. Therefore, before using
ultimateFirst, make sure your position is safe to avoid any effects crowd control from the enemy.

3. Yve

Almost the same as Pharsa, Yve also has this
ultimate skill range which is very broad to overcome Lylia easily. However, the difference is that Yve doesn't have one burst damage which is big, but in exchange, Yve is equipped with effects slow which can be used to disrupt enemy movements.

Effect slow that's what Yve can later use to face Lylia. Give as much as possible slow has a big effect on Lylia, so your team can kill her easily, because Lylia only has one escape skills on Black Shoes-and if that skill has been used, then that's the end of it.

4. Karina

is one of hero assassin which is currently very dominantly used as jungler. Its high mobility is also supported by effects true damage from his great passive makes him able to become counters for hero who doesn't have much
escape skills
like for example Lylia.

With her high mobility, Karina can directly target her attacks at Lylia. Plus the defense items she uses make Karina even more powerful survive even though he has to accept it
burst damage the big one from Lylia.

5. Hilda

To overcome hero like Lylia, Hilda is a good recommendation, because hero this can now provide
damage more easily after exposure revamp from
Moonton some time ago.

Hilda can now deliver burst damage instantly with
ultimate If stackHer breasts were completely filled, and that was the main factor in overcoming Lylia.

Hilda just needs to collect stack with
skill 2 “Art of Hunting”plus some basic attacks,
and if stack is fully charged, so Hilda can immediately make Lylia die with just one ultimate skills just.

6. Cici

Cici is hero newly released on
Mobile Legends on December 23, 2023, and since its release
hero this can be categorized as hero strong fighter.

Cici's agile mobility is also supported by effects spell vamp from his high skills hero this is very difficult to catch.

To face Lylia, Cici is definitely more favored, because she can easily avoid Lylia's various skill combos by taking advantage of her high mobility.

Even though it's not hero classified over power, Cici's abilities are still strong when used to fight heroes – heroes those with minimal skills
dash like Lylia.


Just like Cici, you can also use Joy as her
counters for Lylia thanks to the high mobility she has. Joy has been famous for a long time hero which is agile, so it makes you fight hero Like Lylia, Joy will definitely be the favorite.

Apart from its high mobility, this Joy is also equipped with
burst damage who is sick like hero assassin in general, allowing him to easily level his enemies in a short time team fight.


1. Athena Shield

It's no longer a secret that it is Athena Shield it is indeed an item counters the most effective for hero mage burstlike Lylia.

With its passive effect “Shield”, Athena Shield can reduce
25% magic damage which was released by Lylia for 5 seconds.

This effect is certainly a very terrible scourge for Lylia, because
burst damageThe amount will be reduced very drastically, allowing the enemy to survive even if they are hit damage from Lylia.

2. Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon
This is a very good item recommendation for those of you who “don't want to be complicated” when dealing with Lylia. How come? All you have to do is press the active effect of this item to create it hero you
immune from damage Lylia.

Yep, Winter Truncheon have an effect “Frozen” which can have an effect immune of all damage for 2 seconds.

However, as long as the effect is active, hero you will become ice and cannot be moved anywhere, so it is necessary timings which is just right for the effect of Winter Truncheon This can run optimally.


1. Flickers

To make hero you guys are out of the area slow effect Lylia's, you can use it battle spell flicker which has an effect blink at quite a distance.

By utilizing effects blink from flicker, hero You can at least get away quickly from Lylia's skill area.

However, because cooldown effect very long, use it as much as possible flickering only at critical times so that the effect is not wasted.

2. Sprints

Sprint is the recommendation battle spells next thing you can use as counters for Lylia.

This is because Sprint has an anti-effect slow which allows your hero to escape easily from many effects slow from Lylia's skills.

Not only that, additional mov. speed from sprints You can also use it to adjust the current position war or chasing enemies who are running away.


That's all my discussion this time regarding heroes & items
counters from Lylia. If you have anything additional, please just write it in the comments column below.

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Thank You.


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