Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners, It's Easy!

This time we will review guides and tips and tricks for playing Resident Evil 4 especially for those of you who are new to playing this game.

This game made by Capcom features several characters who have become players' idols. For example, Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham who have interesting visuals.

The two main characters are trapped in a middle of nowhere world that tests their skills and trains their way of thinking to face the enemies there.

Therefore, this article will provide a guide as well as easy tips and tricks for beginners who are just playing Resident Evil 4. Keep reading until the end, OK!

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Guide to Playing Resident Evil 4

RE4 (Source: Steam)

One thing you need to do when playing Resident Evil 4 is to focus on playing it on any platform.

So, according to Resident Evil Fandom, in this sub-topic you will find out about a guide to playing this horror game via the Gamecube, Personal Computer (PC), PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii platforms.

Not only for PlayStation, it is highly recommended for those who want to play on PC, you also need to use a Joystick to easily control the character.


  • Gamecube: D-pad or Analog
  • PC: WASD
  • PS2 & PS3: D-pad or L3
  • Wii: Analog Sticks


  • Gamecube: C-Stick
  • PC: Arrow Keys
  • PS2 & PS3: R3
  • Wii: D-Pad

Action (Shooting with a Firearm)

  • Gamecube: A
  • PC: Left Click & Enter
  • PS2 & PS3: X
  • Wii: A

Run (Hold and Move Forward)

  • Gamecube: B
  • PC: CTRL + Right
  • PS2 & PS3: Circle or O
  • Wii: Z

Rotate 180⁰ (Press Back)

  • Gamecube: B
  • PC: S + CTRL + Right Button
  • PS2 & PS3: Circle or O
  • Wii: Z


  • Gamecube: Z
  • PC: m
  • PS2 & PS3: Triangle
  • Wii: I


  • Gamecube: Y
  • PC: I
  • PS2 & PS3: Start
  • Wii:

Taking/Preparing Weapons:

  • Gamecube: R
  • PC: Right Click / Shift + Right
  • PS2 & PS3: R1
  • Wii: B


  • Gamecube: Analog
  • PC: WASD and Mouse
  • PS2 & PS3: L3
  • Wii: Remote Aim


  • Gamecube: B
  • PC: CTRL + Right
  • PS2 & PS3: Circle or O
  • Wii: D-Pad or Shake Remote

Preparing the Knife

  • Gamecube: L
  • PC: Shift + Left Key
  • PS2 & PS3: L1
  • Wii: C

Slashing with a Knife

  • Gamecube:A
  • PC: Left Click and Enter
  • PS2 & PS3: X
  • Wii: Hold C and Press A or Shake Remote

Giving Orders to Colleagues

  • Gamecube: X
  • PC: F
  • PS2 & PS3: R2
  • Wii: +


  • Gamecube: Start
  • PC: Escape
  • PS2 & PS3: Select
  • Wii: 2
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Basic Tips

RE4 Remake – Characters (Source: Steam)

The following are the basic tips that you need to learn in Resident Evil 4. Check it out!

The Knife As a Basic and Universal Weapon

Knives are said to be an important tool and are used to destroy things in this game.

Apart from that, knives are also quite effective tools in a fight because you can kill your enemy with a knife in the game.

Understand Weapon Use

As a player, you also need to know the basic weapons used in combat that can save you from enemies.

So, you also need to know their functions and you need to get used to using all of these weapons.

For example, a Shotgun for close range shooting. Meanwhile, the rifle is for long distance shooting.

Shoot Your Enemies

By shooting, you can also stun your enemy. But, if you shoot them at their feet, they won't be able to fight you so they won't be able to chase you.

Analyze the Enemy's Strengths and Weaknesses

You need to see the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy you will face, so you can fight him easily.

Sniper Rifle

You can Zoom to see the shooting target, this also helps you to shoot your enemy at a certain point.

Automatic Weapons

Automatic weapons will also function when facing enemies there, such as the TMP which will release ammunition when facing weak enemies.

Red Barells

Well, these Red Barrels will explode if fired like a bomb. Of course, don't just throw it anywhere because you're afraid it will become a target.

Grenade Granado

This grenade is TNT, which will explode when shot towards an object or enemy.

Kick the Door

If you press the Action button twice on your gaming platform, your character will kick the door and if there is another character or enemy behind it, they will be temporarily STUNned.

Formulate a Strategy

Of course, before attacking, you need to develop a strategy first so that your attack can be right on target.

Save weapons that are strong enough to fight strong enemies and save your energy so that it doesn't run out in critical battles.

Alternative Healing

In the previous Resident Evil game series, this healing could be done using herbs.

But, here you only eat foods such as eggs and fish to maintain your health condition.

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Easiest Tips and Tricks for Beginners

RE4 Remake – Leon S. Kennedy (Source: Steam)

The following are the easiest tips for beginners to play Resident Evil 4. Understand here, okay?

Learn to Bait and Avoid Enemy Attacks

You can avoid enemies by provoking attacks and moving away from them. Initially, you can approach the enemy, then run behind him or to the side to outwit him.

Have Versatile Weapons

Having a weapon that can be used in any situation is a must, for example you need to have the SG-09 R Pistol, W-870 Rifle and SR M1903 which are quite versatile.

Always be alert

Apart from needing to be aware of the enemies you will face, you also need to look and be careful about the environment or conditions there.

There are traps that arise, such as narrow roads, tripping over cables or holes in the ground.

Trapping the Enemy

When we are surrounded by enemies, sometimes we can't do anything to fight them.

In this situation, you need to find the best position and prepare a place to trap the enemy so that this way you can finish him off by throwing a bomb or shooting into the area.

Upgrade your weapons

Before you meet the enemy, you also need to prepare everything, one of which is upgrading the weapons you will use.

This will definitely make you comfortable when facing the enemies there. Upgrade the weapon to full and use it as needed.

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So, that's the information regarding guides, tips and tricks for playing Resident Evil 4. So, are you ready to control Leon and his friends?

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