Get to know Rich Communication Services, Telkomsel Interactive SMS and Google

Gizmology – Telkomsel and Google are getting closer. The two of them have collaborated in various sectors, including the latest one today. The two announced a strategic partnership to deliver the innovative Rich Communication Services (RCS) with Rich Business Messaging (RBM).

This service, which is predicted to be advanced SMS, is presented to support digital transformation for customers. The goal is to improve the customer communication experience and provide a more sophisticated and feature-rich short messaging solution supported by Telkomsel's network infrastructure in Indonesia.

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According to Wong Soon Nam, Director of Planning & Transformation at Telkomsel, collaboration with Google to improve customer experience through the presence of RCS services with RBM is a step that is in line with the spirit of providing special solutions through the latest technology to business customers in Indonesia.

“This collaboration also reflects Telkomsel's vision to continue to lead digital transformation innovation in the Indonesian telecommunications industry and create added value that has a positive impact in an inclusive and sustainable manner for hundreds of millions of our customers,” said Wong at the Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Telkomsel and Google for the Development of Rich Communication Services in Jakarta (29/1).

What is Rich Communication Services (RCS)?

As the latest cellular communication service standard, Rich Communication Services allows Telkomsel customers to enhance Short Messaging Service (SMS) services with a higher level of interactivity. Customers can share high-quality multimedia content, participate in more dynamic group chats, and includes full support for read receipts and typing indicators. Similar to the chat service feature that currently exists, but uses SMS lines.

Businesses can also use all the advanced communication features provided in RCS to deliver 'Rich Business Messages' (RBM) to customers with specific use cases according to their needs. RBM services will be available for Telkomsel customers in Indonesia and for customers of Telkomsel's shareholder, Singtel, in Singapore, taking into account the availability of devices that support this technology. In the future, customers will be able to enjoy more features and benefits as RCS services continue to develop.

Meanwhile, Jason Choy, Director, Android & Business Communication Product Partnerships, International from Google, said he was happy to be working with Telkomsel to bring Rich Communication Services to users in Indonesia. Iya believes, with Telkomsel's experience of more than 28 years in the Indonesian market, Telkomsel has the credibility to provide reliable telecommunications solutions to business people, including support for RCS.

“We hope that this service can support digital transformation in various types of businesses and open up new opportunities for business innovation in the future,” he added.

Head of APAC GSMA Julian Gorman as reported by Gizmonews also welcomed the partnership between Telkomsel and Google and the benefits it can provide to companies in Asia. According to him, mobile users and industry can greatly benefit from universal and interoperable standards, such as RCS, when it comes to mobile technology.

“This partnership supports and encourages healthy market competition and innovation,” he emphasized.

For information, Since 2016, Telkomsel has expressed its support for the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) in encouraging the adoption of RCS, where the RCS Universal Profile (UP) from GSMA can provide open, consistent and global messaging services across all networks and devices .

He added that GSMA's Universal (UP) RCS profile will benefit both business and consumer users, by simplifying interoperability and enabling device manufacturers and operating system providers to scale, providing a richer and more consistent messaging experience for users regardless of device or network. .

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