GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024 Ready to Be Held, Will Accommodate Indonesian MLBB Lovers

GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024 is a special event designed to provide exciting experiences and unforgettable memories for Indonesian mobile game lovers.

Gamers who like to spend an average of 2 hours or the equivalent of 703 million hours playing mobile games per year now have a place to gather and share.

This festival is a momentum for the gaming community to make virtual interactions become real, narrating a contribution to advancing the local gaming industry in a fun euphoria with a variety of unique and interesting activities that promise to create unforgettable experiences.

Various studies show that the current generation is willing to become agents of change. Online gaming has become a major activity for young people, they tend to follow their favorite celebrities, teams or professional players via social media.

They are also more influenced to make transactions based on promotions and digital influencer views, rather than buying products from brands they like.

“Actually, the aim of holding GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024 is simple and noble, namely as a forum for young people,” said the Chair of the Committee, Rob Clinton Kardinal.

“We are collaborating with 30 communities, not only from esports, but also from the Japanese community through coswalk, which we will also give the opportunity to appear at GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024.”

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Located in Halls 5 & 6 of the Indonesia Convention Exhibition, Bumi Serpong Damai, South Tangerang, GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024 is present with various activities.

As a gaming event, it certainly wouldn't be complete if GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024 didn't have competitive activities.

Three Indonesian esports teams, namely RRQ, ONIC Esports, and EVOS Esports, are ready to fight for the trophy at GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024.

Meanwhile, a competition between celebrities and influencers will also be held which will pit RAFF SQUAD against CLIN SQUAD.

RAFF SQUAD will be strengthened by a number of celebrities and influencers such as Raffi Ahmad, Meyden, Baim Wong, and Alshad Ahmad.

Meanwhile, CLIN SQUAD will be decorated by Rob Clinton Kardinal, Vidi Aldiano, Aqsa Aswar, and Caitlin Halderman.

Familiar faces in the MLBB esports scene will also be present at GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024, Gold Ranger, Momochan, KB, Clara Mongstar, and Geri Eka.

Not only that, GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024 will also provide a platform for Cosplay lovers by holding a Coswalk.

Apart from that, there will also be various activities such as Karaoke Sing Along, Community Tournament and Local Games.

The Hall 5 & 6 ICE BSD area will also be filled with various tenants such as food and beverage, toys and hobbies, community, and Gaming/Arcade Area.

GEMAZ FESTIVAL 2024 will close with a performance by J-Rocks at ICE BSD, South Tangerang, on Friday, January 12 2024.

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