Fraudulent WhatsApp Social Spy Application? Is it true?

The WhatsApp social spy application has indeed become one of the applications that has been widely discussed by Android users. Why is it like that? Even today’s WhatsApp users really need an application like this if they want to view chats.

Chat seen from other smartphones, starting from the smartphones of boyfriends, husbands, friends, or friends, can indeed be what we need if there is a desire to know what chat is being discussed.

Applications like this can of course be said to be tools to find out WhatsApp numbers easily. Therefore, many are looking for the truth or accuracy of this WhatsApp social spy application.

Therefore, this WhatsApp social spy application is in great demand. So is it true that the WhatsApp Social Spy application works properly? Or is it like a fraud application? Here’s the review!

The following WhatsApp Social Spy Application:

This application itself has a website base that you can browse easily. This application itself is said to be able to tap WhatsApp online quite easily. You can see the entire message conversation history in WhatsApp.

Is it really like that? Here comes the website page After opening, this website itself does have a landing page that is quite convincing for users of this application in general.

Apart from that, there are steps to get chat history by inputting the cellphone number you want to see. In addition, later there will be verification and chat history will be displayed.

Of course it’s quite easy, not for someone who doesn’t normally understand cyberspace. Therefore, this application is actually quite dangerous to use. We also do not know where we will be taken by this website.

Try the WhatsApp Social Spy Application from the Website

1. Go to the WhatsApp Social Spy Application website

The first step we take is to go to this website. Later there will be a display like this, you are also required to input the number you want to see the chat history for.

On this page, don’t forget the country code number or country code, for example, we are Indonesia, namely (+62) or the first number (0). After that, you can fill in your phone number and submit it.

2. Fill in the Origin Number in the WhatsApp Social Spy Application

The second step, let’s try to enter a telephone number randomly and even use letters, we also use the letters and numbers 0888abcde. If the WhatsApp Social Spy Application tool has the correctness in using it, of course if this original telephone number will not be detected.

In fact, we also entered the original number which of course was invalid because it used letters in it. However, these tools still process these numbers and letters.

3. Connecting To Server Process

After we submit at the bottom, there are words such as the process of connecting to server. Of course this is already one lie is not it? This application also already has the characteristics of a fake or bulging application.

Of course with a process like this is not very convincing at all. The number also uses a combination of numbers and letters, but can still be processed. Of course this is a lie that has been seen or just a gimmick.

4. Human Verification Required

In addition, later we will be presented with a page that says human verification. Later, there is a button ready to direct you to the next step.

It’s like it’s very serious, isn’t it like Google’s test if you are not robots or CAPTCHAs which usually tell us to make choices for images that have the correct answers.

5. Fill out a survey that turns out to be an advertisement

This last step is quite confusing, if you want to see the WhatsApp chat history, of course you just have to wait and then all the existing chats will appear, right?

But this time is different, with the WhatsApp Social Spy application, you are also required to fill out a survey in advance with a specified time. Therefore, this application can also be said to be a scam or fraud application.

Why is it like that? a little information for you, now there are many ways to get money, namely being required to fill out surveys, of course you should be suspicious of this too.

So the WhatsApp Social Spy application which is said to be able to wiretap the WhatsApp number you want, of course this is just a fake tool or fake tool looking for coffers of money.

Of course, this bad method will not produce good results in the future. It’s quite sad if people who don’t know anything use this application even though they are eager to know the chat history on that number.

The web link from Social Spy WhatsApp is a landing page that only directs you to the page created from the service.

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The final word

In essence, the WhatsApp Social Spy application is indeed not one of the original WA tapping tools or indeed can do wiretapping. But it’s just an application that tells those of you who access it to fill out a survey.

Therefore, you will also be fooled by this WhatsApp Social Spy application. With the lure of being able to do this difficult job, but only fake tools that are looking for real money coffers.

You also have to be careful if you find an application like the WhatsApp Social Spy Application. Because of course you need special abilities to be able to see other people’s WhatsApp chats.

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It’s not as easy as just entering the number and then you’ll just see chat history. Of course this is a separate drawback of this application because it only does a trick.

It’s not that easy for you guys if you want to access other people’s WA, let alone be able to read their chat history. WhatsApp itself has an encryption feature that cannot be opened by chat.

Therefore, your chats will remain safe, unless there is an application or there is already an application for surveillance carried out by intelligence or the police for a specific purpose.

That’s the information about the WhatsApp Social Spy Application that we can convey. We hope that the information we convey can be useful for you readers.

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