Former Google Boss Develops AI Drones to Support Ukraine

News – Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt developed a new startup called White Stork. This start-up is working on AI-powered kamikaze drones for Ukraine.

Basically, the project operates under a shell company and has the goal of providing technologically advanced drones to Ukraine in the country's conflict with Russia, which is still ongoing to this day.

For your information, Schmidt previously led the National Security Commission for Artificial Intelligence after he no longer led Google.


In 2021, the commission has also produced a report stating that AI will change the way war is fought in every domain. This suggests that Schmidt is utilizing AI technology for drones made by White Stork.

White Stork itself is claimed to be an affordable drone with an estimated selling price of $400 or around Rp. 6.3 million. According to information from a column written by Schmidt in the Wall Street Journal, this drone will carry a small amount of explosives.

In the column Schmidt also highlighted its affordability and potential military significance, calling it the most important weapon to use against Russia. Additionally, this also coincides with a reduction in US deals with traditional arms manufacturers such as Palantir.

There is also something that fuels self-interested speculation, namely Schmidt's recent article which claims Ukraine is losing the drone war and predicts the country's dependence on millions of imported drones by 2024.

Additionally, White Stork's operations through the shell company Volya Robotics OÜ, listed Schmidt as a beneficiary and the company was under the full control of family office employees, adding to the uncertainty of the project.


Sebastian Thrun, co-founder of the Google X research laboratory, is one of the technology experts recruited and involved in White Stork. The impact of this project on Ukraine's conflict with Russia and the future of AI-powered weaponry remains to be seen. [FY/IF]

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