Forgot the name of the former teacher on the HP Realme C11, C15, C25, C55 and others? This is the Solution!

Forgot the name of the former teacher on the HP Realme C11, C15, C25, C55 and others? This is the Solution! – Activating a password on a cellphone aims to secure personal data so that it is not easily accessed by other people. Almost all brands smartphones has this feature to maintain the user's privacy space. However, it is not uncommon for users to forget the password they use.

In addition to passwords on the lock screen, you can also use passwords in certain applications. The number of passwords used user social media, email, lock screen, and so on might make users forget easily password application, especially if it is rarely touched.

So, how do you deal with forgetting the password and name of a former teacher on the HP Realme C11, C15, C25, C55, and others? Come on, let's just discuss it below!

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Forgot Password and Name of Former Teacher on Realme HP

Passwords on HP devices play an important role in maintaining user security and privacy. Its function is not only limited to restricting access, but also to ensure that only authorized users can access personal data, applications and other information.

When you enter the password incorrectly, the lock screen or application will not open automatically. Users are asked to re-enter the correct password. Attempts to enter this password are usually limited, if it exceeds the limit you have to wait a while to try again. To overcome this, users can press options Forgot Password.

So, here's how to deal with forgetting your password, starting from using the name of a former teacher to doing it hard reset.

Enter Name of Former Teacher

When selecting the forget password option on a Realme cellphone, users will be faced with two choices. The first is 'Security Question' which is by answering the question of the name of the former teacher. You must be able to correctly answer the question “What is the name of one of your teachers?”.

Enter one teacher's name that you remember during the initial creation process password. If your answer is correct, you will then be directed to the process of changing a new password. However, if you still make mistakes and forget the name of your former teacher, try the next method.

Use Recovery Email

Forgot your former teacher's name when unlocking your password? Don't worry, the next option you can choose 'Reset via Recovery Email'.

This method is very easy to do, you just have to wait for email confirmation to change your password.

For more details, you can follow the steps to change your password via recovery email.

  1. On options Forgot Passwordchoose Reset Via Recovery Email.
  2. Next, you will see the initials of the email to which confirmation will be sent. Make sure the email is still active and you are using it.
  3. Enter email in the column provided.
  4. After that, click Finished to send a confirmation code.
  5. Entered into Gmail And open the confirmation message who entered.
  6. Type Verification code sent in the column.
  7. Then, press Reset Password.
  8. Create a New Password that is easy to remember.

Use TWRP Service

What if the user forgets the name of the former teacher on the Realme cellphone and the email address used? Don't worry, you can still solve it by using the TWRP service. The existence of this service is very useful for solving the problem of forgetting passwords without having toreset all data stored in the device.

It's just that to be able to use this service, make sure you have TWRP installed on your device. The following is a tutorial for overcoming forgotten passwords with TWRP for those of you who have it.

  1. Turn off your Realme device.
  2. Press and hold the button Volume Down and Power simultaneously.
  3. Release the buttons when the Realme logo appears.
  4. Select an option Advanced and then File Manager.
  5. Delete files “Locksettings.db”, “Locksettings.db-wal”, “Locksetting.db-shm”, “password.key”, and “gesture.key”.
  6. Choose Reboot System on Realme devices.
  7. Restart the device and wait a few moments until it turns back on.

However, keep in mind that using TWRP and editing system files can involve risks and requires a good understanding of the process. Make sure you have backed up important data before trying this method.

Hard Reset Via Recovery

The final method, you can do a Hard Reset via the Recovery menu to return all settings to factory settings. This is an effective way to delete settings including passwords on HP Realme types C11, C15, C25, C55, and others.

However, please note that when you use this method, all data stored on your device will be lost and deleted, including messages, contacts, photos and applications. Make sure to back up important data before performing this procedure, as all data will be deleted.

Following are the steps to remove the password with Hard Reset via the Recovery menu.

  1. Turn off the device your Realme.
  2. Press and hold the button Volume Down and Power simultaneously.
  3. Hold until the Realme logo appears, then release the buttons.
  4. Select an option English in the ColorOS Recovery menu.
  5. Choose Wipe Datathen confirm by selecting OK.
  6. Once the Wipe process is complete, select it OK and then select Reboot.

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So, those are some ways you can try to overcome forgetting the password and name of a former teacher on a Realme cellphone.

When resetting your password make sure you use numbers that are easy to remember. You can also record it in a special book if necessary.

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