Fire Element User? Here are the Jiaoqiu Honkai Star Rail leaks

Game News – Fire element users in the Honkai Star Rail game are always considered to have damage and extraordinary strength. As information is currently circulating, Honkai Star Rail is once again experiencing an information leak. According to this information, Honkai Star Rail will release a new character using the fire element named Jioqiu. Read more in the following article about the Jiaoqiu Honkai Star Rail leak!

Jiaoqiu Honkai Star Rail leaks

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In the latest developments in Honkai Star Rail, leaks of Fire Release Users? Jiaoqiu Leaks Honkai Star Rail will soon introduce Jiaoqiu. The plan is that this character will be released in the Penacony phase. What kind of abilities does Jiaoqiu have? Keep following the following article!

1. Elements and Basic Attacks

Jiaoqiu has the fire element and path of nihility. His basic attack doesn't just deliver damage in the form of Fire, but also gives debuffs to enemies. The combination of basic attacks with the fire element is certain to create a high potential for damage to the enemy.

2. Jiaoqiu's skills in Honkai Star Rail

Skills Jiaoqiu seems to focus on enemy Debuffs with the main target receiving two stacks of debuffs. He is also expected to be able to give heal to the team to add HP that is dying due to enemy attacks.

3. Ultimate Jiaoqiu

Besides skills fire that gives damage powerful on enemy targets, it also has a complex debuff effect. The effect produced by his ultimate not only heals the team, but also provides additional benefits damage and debuffs on enemies.

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Other Honkai Star Rail Leaks

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Apart from Jiaoqiu, other information is also available on Gallagher's kit. Characters rumored to appear in Honkai Star Rail were also leaked. It's likely that Gallagher's kit will offer the Abundance main path with a focus on debuffs via the Nihility path and the fire element as its main power.

This leak also explains some additional statistical bonuses through Eidolon, where E1 Gallagher can gain extra turns and additional damage bonuses on E2. However, details such as a release date are still uncertain for the characters, especially Jiaoqiu who may still be in the pre-production stage and has not been officially announced.

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Other Fire Elemental Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Instead of waiting for a new character that is still unclear when it will be released. Below are some of the best fire element characters that you can play in Honkai Star Rail.

1. Asta

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Asta is a character support which has the Fire element with the ability to provide a speed buff (SPD) to the entire team via skills the end. The skill can cause damage up to four times as much on two enemies at once.

Each Asta attack that hits a different enemy can deal one stack. Amount stack This also has the effect of increasing attack (ATK) for the entire team with the potential to increase up to five times, depending on how much stack that he has.

2. Himeko

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Next is Himeko. A five-star DPS character who excels in damage output area of ​​effectt (AoE) on the Erudition path. The advantage also lies in damage fire at two enemies that are close to each other.

While ability his ultimate can provide damage to all enemies in the battle area. Apart from that, through her passive ability, Himeko can also launch follow-up attacks that produce results damage every time the enemy experiences weakness break.

3. Hooks

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The character with the final fire element is a little girl who is known for her ability to deal damage over time and her speed in burning her opponents. The ultimate also poses a serious threat because it provides damage and improve capabilities skills next.

In the buff version, the Hook ability can provide reflected damage to two adjacent enemies. Another advantage also lies in its passive which can provide additional fire damage to enemies and regenerate five extra energy.

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That's the leak of Jioqiu Honkai Star Rail that you need to know. However, please remember that the leak above is a preview based on the beta version and will likely undergo adjustments before the official release mobile, PC, and PS5.

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