Fertilizer Salesperson Genshin Impact, where is the World Quest?

Some people may be aware that there is a mission called Fertilizer Salesperson Genshin Impact in the game. But this world quest is a bit strange because even though it is in the game, you can’t find it anywhere at the moment.

As the newest region, Inazuma brings lots of exciting content for its players. Apart from the many new characters, there are also quests and stories that you can follow. So quests are very important because they can give you lots of prizes.

One of the missions that confuses many people is the Fertilizer Salesperson. This mission is part of update 2.1 in Genshin Impact. But now, even though it has entered update 2.1, there is still no clarity regarding this mission.

Fertilizer Salesperson Genshin Impact

Even though update 2.1 is currently rolling out, this mission still cannot be accessed. Actually, you can see this mission in the world quest list, but if you want to complete it then you can’t because the mission seems incomplete.

Even some Genshin Impact players are still confused about how or how to complete this mission. It is estimated that this mission is still not out because updates will roll out periodically.

So for those of you who might be worried about completing this mission, don’t worry. The world quest Fertilizer Salesperson Genshin Impact currently cannot be completed and maybe it will be fixed in the next update.

For now, just complete the other world quests first. Or maybe there are parts of Inazuma that you haven’t explored yet. It is also estimated that the update will not be long in coming so you can get ready first.

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