Experience of TikTok Content Stuck at 200 Viewers and How to Overcome It with iBooming

“The solution to content stagnation on TikTok! Find out with iBooming, an application to help choose the right products, increase engagement and commissions.”

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Have you ever felt stuck in the same place and not moving forward? That's what I feel when TikTok video viewers are only hovering around the 200s. But, it turns out there is one thing that can change everything. Wondering how I managed to get out of that situation? Read the full story below!

As a TikTok creator who likes to create content about culinary delights, I have felt stuck. Just imagine, there are already quite a lot of followers but the views on the video are only around 200.

I was wondering what was wrong with my TikTok account, and finally I was recommended by a fellow creator to try the iBooming application. At first I didn't believe it, but there's no harm in downloading the application. Uh, it turns out that after I tried using the iBooming application, the results were beyond my expectations.

After analyzing and trying it out, it turned out that there was a product error for my audience, all this time I had been wrong in choosing the product I was promoting that didn't match my account label and audience. The product recommended by iBooming turned out to be more suitable because the product was trending and the price of the item was more suitable for my audience. so that the audience can buy products without having to think long to increase my sales conversions so that TikTok drives more traffic.

This really made me realize the importance of compatibility between the content and the product being promoted. The features that I usually use are the short viral video product feature and AI Tools, apparently the items that are matched already use an AI system.

This How to Choose the Right Products for Creators and Affiliates via iBooming

  1. Select the product you want to promote
  2. Add product links to your TikTok account
  3. The product will automatically go straight to your TikTok account basket

What's even better is that iBooming gives higher commissions than others and there are often campaigns that give extra rewards, I really recommend it, guys!

This is the result of extra rewards from iBooming!

So, that's sharing my experience of joining the TikTok Shop and iBooming affiliates. I hope that many creators who read this article can find it inspiring and useful. For you creators and affiliates who may be stuck or confused about why your engagement is low, want to increase your income or improve your game in the digital world, I super recommend using iBooming. Trust me, this will really help!

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